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Settle in Britain's oldest American Colony

The Virginia Company first brought people to the Virginia colony to look for gold and other valuables. They established the Jamestown settlement. Settlers came to the colony to gain wealth, and also to seek religious freedom and freedom from English taxes.

perfect location

Virginia's location in the southern colonies produces warm summers and mild winters. There is abundant woodland for lumber and the fertile soil and generous rainfall make for excellent farmland, especially for tobacco, a major cash crop. There are many ports for trade, because of the numerous bays that occupy Virginia's coast.

Life in the Virginia Colony

The Virginia Company established the first European type of government in the colonies, the House of Burgesses. The Anglican church is the main religion, however the colony is tolerant of other protestant denominations. Trade is extremely important to the economy because of the many ports. The most important export is tobacco, which attributes to the wealth of the colony, as well as the settlers who grow the cash crop.

Major Events

Important People

John Smith was an explorer who helped found the Jamestown settlement of the Virginia Colony.