Spanish-American War

spanish war

The coming of war/The battles of war

What events occurred too lead to the actual war?

The US didn't want to fight the Spanish but Spain had sank America's ships and killed hundreds of American citizens and that led to a war after that event the press were exposing the Spanish as a bad guy.

What were people in America were thinking?

Americans thought "If they blew up our ship we're going to get them for this". Some people were for the war and some were not they thought "why should we help Cuba if the want to be independent let them fight themselves".

How did "Yellow Journalism" affect public opinion?

It made people think that the Spanish were horrible for taking over that country and the press made the public reacted like the Spanish were a bunch of careless people for killing Americans even though some of that stuff are not true.

What finally pushed us into war?

The Spanish blew up the US's ships and killed citizens.

What went wrong, what went right?

What went right in the war Spain lost almost all its overseas territories and the US gained them all. What went wrong the Spanish knew Cuba's land.

What were the key land/naval battles?

There were two major battles San Juan hill and El Caney.

San Juan hill was fought on the kettle hill near the Spanish on July,1,1898

El Caney was in El Caney on July,1,1898

Why did America win the war?

The US was more closer to Cuba than Spain.