Projects or Papers

How can my class turn in a project or paper online?

Google Docs

Google Docs

Students may share a paper or project with you using Google Docs. It is very important for you to make sure you students are logging in with the Google Docs icon on the SISD homepage. They will use their username and their new password.


We have our own Gaggle domain. Students will use their username and new password for Gaggle. They must change the to

Gaggle Digital Locker

Students can upload a file into their Digital Locker by clicking on the Digital Locker icon and clicking on Add File. It will let you Browse to find the file you wish to upload.

Assignment Drop Boxes

Students may turn in work through the Assignment Drop Boxes. You will need to set up the Assignment Folder by clicking on the Assignment Drop Box icon. Click on New Assignment Folder. Name the Assignment. You may set the Due Date and Check if you will accept Assignments after the Due Date. You may give instructions for the Drop Box by typing in the necessary information. Click on Submit and the new Assignment folder should be there for your students.


Students may go to Edmodo from the HS Home Page.

Once students are enrolled in your class, they may store information in their Backpacks. They click on their Library and it will take them to their Backpack.
You may have them turn in assignments through your class. If you need help setting up your class, please let me know.