The Stevens Selection

March 17, 2016

This Week...

Everyday Math

The Unit 8 tests went home on Thursday, March 17th. Our students will begin Units 9 & 10, a combined unit, when we return from break.

Units 9 & 10 will cover:

  • Symmetry and Reflective Properties
  • Patterns
  • Equating Percents, Decimals, and Fractions


Students have created a hydroponics container that they are now using to grow their lima beans. The picture below shows the students examining sprouted lima beans.

**Ask your student... how has the sprouted seed changed once it was put into the hydroponic container? (Leaves became larger and greener)


Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop students have been working on a short two day informative writing piece about the Iditarod. They have been researching on their own and adding their research to a Google Drawing poster.

**Ask your student...what was the most interesting thing you learned about the Iditarod?

Reader's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop this week, your child has been gathering even more information on the Iditarod. Students participated in a reader's theater and did a close read on the Iditarod. See the pictures below of the students practicing their roles for the reader's theater!

Be Connected to Our Classroom

Forward Exam

On Tuesday, March 15th information was sent home about the Forward Exam. Some ways that you can help prepare your child for our testing dates are:

  • Help them get a good night sleep before the testing day
  • Eat a healthy breakfast the morning of
  • Encourage them to try their best

We will be testing the following dates:

  • April 18th & 19th - ELA
  • April 21st - 22nd - ELA & Math
  • April 26th-28th - Math & Science
  • May 3rd - 4th - Social Studies

Important Dates to Remember

March 21st-27th - Spring Break

April 1st - Report Cards Sent Home

April 1st - Purdy Pride Day

April 7th - Spring Concert (6:30PM at FAHS)

April 19th - Purdy Arts Festival & Scholastic Book Fair