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  • During term 15.16 we jumped with our oGCDP program from Tier 4 to Tier 3 by achieving more than 300% growth in the program. We are opening several expansions to support our oGCDP growth and Global Citizen program recognition in Oman.
  • In term 15.16 we overachieved previous term total exchanges already by 1st of February.
  • We are recognized among Ministry of Higher Education and have special permission to AIESEC student visas for all our iGIP interns that supports iGIP growth in AIESEC in Oman.
  • Our national conferences attendance is between 75-90% of total membership. We have strong communication between MC-EB-membership.
  • AIESEC in Oman has organized sub-regional conferences as GulfCo since its founding year.
  • Our biggest exchange partners have been AIESEC in Bahrain, AIESEC in Netherlands and AIESEC in Pakistan. With AIESEC in Bahrain we achieved 50% of our iGCDP total realizations during term 14.15 and we started our first winterpeak for oGCDP in year 2013.

Summer 2016 is waiting for you!

Amal project

Entrepreneurship is key to decrease the youth unemployment and increase economical growth. We provide you opportunity to impact youth of Oman by introducing them entrepreneurship World via creative activities.

Ramadan project

Have you ever wondered what is Ramadan and how Middle-East celebrates the holy month of fasting? During Ramadan project you can experience ....

Your Summer 2015 in Oman