Professional Development Day

February 24, 2016

"Success in schools hinges on what happens in the classroom" - Guskey

Theme - School Culture and "Behaviors of a Collaborative Culture"

Learning Target for the Day -

  • Staff will gain a deeper understanding of MTSS and work to create Power Standards that drive their lessons.
  • Staff will collaborate around and improve lessons from peer input and feedback around topics such as - technology integration, student productive group work/collaboration, and increased levels of task complexity per Bloom's Taxonomy.
  • Staff will also summarize their PLC work and evaluate the effectiveness of specific SMART Goals.

On Wednesday March 2 for our Staff Meeting, Mike Stiemsa will be here to discuss what the research says about the "influences and effect sizes related to student achievement". His presentation is titled "Behaviors of a Collaborative Culture". With that theme in mind, and the conversations we had from this month's faculty meeting on School Culture specifically around teacher collaboration, here is the plan for this month's PD day on 2/24/16.

"Give teachers permission to experiment with new approaches and encourage them to share their discoveries among themselves" - (Gruenert and Whitaker, 2015, School Culture Rewired).

Agenda for the day's learning


  1. Morning Session

    1. MTSS Follow-up and next steps - 8-9:15 (Media Center)

    2. Break - 9:15-9:30

    3. PLC Sharing - PLC groups share out their most recent PLC SMART Goal and related data and plans going forward - Media Center - 9:30-10:30 (Media Center)

    4. Break 10:30-10:45

    5. Lesson Sharing and Lesson Enhancement Collaboration - 10:45-12:00 (Classrooms)

      1. Teachers need to plan to bring a lesson to share that they would like feedback on/suggestions on (using the lesson sharing protocol format below) to incorporate or improve the lesson around one or more of the following - a. Technology, b. Productive Group Work/Collaboration (per the GRR), or c. HOTS (Analyzing, Evaluating and/or Creating per Bloom’s Taxonomy)

Lunch 12:00 - 1:00

2. Afternoon Session - 1-3:30 (Classrooms)

    1. Individual or PLC work time on MTSS/Standards or work time on implementation of knowledge learned at last month’s PD on 1/18/16


Areas of Focus = a. Technology Integration b. GRR - Productive Group Work c. Higher Order Thinking (Bloom's - analyzing, evaluating, and creating specifically)

1. “Person A” pitch their lesson plan/idea and the learning target/purpose to their team

2. Team clarifies lesson target pitch from “Person A” - Q&A

3. Team offers suggestions for lesson enhancement ideas for incorporating area of focus

  • "Person A" takes notes on these suggestions

4. “Person A” clarifies the suggestions from team on how to incorporate area of focus in to the lesson

5. Lesson summary, discussion, questions, clarification and closure

6. Person “B” pitch as in Step 1

7. Repeat steps

4 Essential Questions for a Collaborative Culture and PLC

  • What do we want all students to learn?

  • How do we know they learned it?

  • What do we do when students did not learn it?

  • What do we do when students learned it/already know it?
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