About Jack Becker

By: Jack Becker

Where I'm From.

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Adopted at birth from a mother who was only 14-years-old when she had me. My adopted parents are from Bancroft, Iowa, a small town where the winters are cold but the neighbors know everyone in the area. I never moved from my first home and I've traveled to Europe to see the museums and monuments there such as the Louvre in France and the Windsor Castle in Great Britain. I have had two dogs, one named Hollie who died not to long ago and the other is named Zoe who I got from an adoption center about four years ago. I have played the game of baseball all my life except for the past two years due to a shoulder injury. I came to UCF because my eyes caught the attention of the engineering program that was available here.

What Major am I taking?

I am taking Mechanical Engineering but in light of some recent events I am trying to change my major over to Computer Engineering. The reason I wanted to become a Mechanical Engineer was because I loved knowing the ins and outs of any mechanical object from mechanical pencils to vehicles that transport people around town. The reason I want to switch from that major to Computer Engineering is because of recent events where my friends and I have put our brains together and agreed to create a company for gaming. Programming is also going to be another helpful skill to have in our technology based world.

Why Did I Become a Part of EXCEL/Compass?

The reason i joined the EXCEL/Compass program was because I heard that it has helped many students before achieve the some of the best grades in their math and science. Also in all truth my mother showed it to me first before I ever looked into it.

Do I Think EXCEL/Compass Will Help Me Succeed in My First Year of College?

Yes I do, the program so far has shown me proof of their success in the past with previous students. Also the programs for studying, classes, and dorm life have also shown me that they care for their members and they will try everything they can to make sure a student that wants to succeed at college will succeed at college

Unique Fact About Me.

I have in fact been writing a story for the past 5 months hoping to finish it and make it a published novel that will be sold to people. I hope that after reading this that some of you will want to ask me about the book and what it portrays and if people do i will gladly answer but not give any spoilers away.