Bridging the Gap

Ryan, Preston,Christian

Stories Read

The triumph of the egg 1910-1930

An Occurrence at Owl creek bridge 1850-1890

Advancements of the Time 1850-1890

The laboratory Bunsen burner was invented by Robert Wilhelm Bunsen in 1855. Bunsen

The mechanical cash register was invented (and patented) in 1879 by James Ritty

The first dishwasher was patented in 1850 by Joel Houghton;

The electric iron was invented in 1882 by Henry W. Seeley, a New York

The earliest motorcycle was a coal-powered, two-cylinder, steam-driven motorcycle that was developed in 1867 by the American inventor Sylvester Howard Roper.

  1. “the railroad ran straight away into a forest for a hundred yards, then, curving, was lost to view”

    "The Yanks are repairing the railroads," said the man, "and are getting ready for another advance.

    “he muzzle of a brass cannon commanding the bridge”

Advancements of the Time 1910-1930

Advancements- disposable razors, sliced bread, Ford's model T, and escalators.

"All during our ten years on the chicken farm he had worked as a labourer on neighboring farms and most of the money he had earned had been spent for remedies to cure chicken diseases, on Wilmer's White Wonder Cholera Cure or Professor Bidlow's Egg Producer or some other preparations that mother found advertised in the poultry papers."


The changes from these time period is that in 1850-1890 the advancements were small and just like things to make life easier, but when 1910-1930 comes along the advancements are things that are more advanced and also more things for self entertainment.

Political Situations 1850-1890

The south secede from the north. political situation very up in the air. the north and south separating. People from the north and south did not get along had different ideas on how they thought the US should be run.

  1. “Peyton Farquhar was a well-to-do planter, of an old and highly respected Alabama family. Being a slave owner and like other slave owners a politician he was naturally an original secessionist and ardently devoted to the Southern cause.”

Political Situations 1910-1930

Political situations- child labor restrictions, women's right to vote, and prohibition of alcohol

" Americans rose from poverty to fame and greatness and as I lay beside her -- in the days of her lying-in -- she may have dreamed that I would some day rule men and cities."


The political situations in 1850-1890 were the USA struggling and the north and south having a war, during this time period the political situation is really up in the air. In 1910-1930 the political situation still has slavery but its hidden slavery like child slavery, women are starting to get more rights.

Pop Culture (Music, Art, etc) 1850-1890

Plays. in the south lots of old folk song and in the north more of a classic type of music.Very small plays not like they are today at all.

“each end of the bridge stood with his rifle in the position known as "support,"

Pop Culture (Music, Art, etc) 1910-1930

Pop culture- ragtime music, ball room dancing, and Broadway musicals were very popular in the culture of 1910-1930.

"People will want to know how you got the egg in the bottle. Don't tell them. Keep them guessing. That is the way to have fun with this trick."

"Afire with the showman's passion and at the same time a good deal disconcerted by the failure of his first effort, father now took the bottles containing the poultry monstrosities down from their place on the shelf and began to show them to his visitor."

People, he said, liked to look at strange and wonderful things.


There is a huge difference seen from 1850-1890 to 1910-1930 people are starting to do more self entertainment in 1910-1930 because all the advancements. The people in 1850-1890 had just small plays and a couple of bands or so around the country, in the south they had a lot of folk songs. Then when you get to 1910-1930 you see more music, bands and different styles of music in 1910-1930 then in 1850-1890.



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