By: Trinity,and Shara

The Mayans History

The Mayans lived in Guatemala in the 1500’s. They pronounced the Spanish alphabet to a drawer so he could draw glyphs for the alphabet. They had temples and tombs that had stories writhen in glyphs. When the archeologist uncovered the tombs/ grave a bunch of grave robbers stole jade green jewelry from the bodies. The last king of the Mayans was the first dawn. In 1997 a tomb was found at the bottom of the center of the town in the most sacred spot in the city. The remains of Macaw was the founder of the city. The Mayans were a sophisticated tribe. The end of their tribe or city is unknown for the archeologist are still figuring.

Book questions

1. How did stephins and Catherwood record their early finding at Copàn?

They drew pictures and look at the glyphs.

2. What were some key to deecoding the acient Mayan glyphs?

They learned the spanish launguage.

3. Why did the Maya preform so many rituals to satisfi there gods?

So they had good crop,water and years.

4. Do you think it's important to explore and understand Mayan remains? Explain your awnser?

Trinity says: yes because it is always good to know a nother cultuter then just your own.

Shara says: Yes because we could learn somthing from the lost city of Mayans.

Making Conections.

We are comparing Anasazi and Mayan together

the first thing is what they have in common.

  1. The are both an actient culture.
  2. The way they live their lives.
  3. Nobody noes the way they disappered.

The thing the Mayans have that the Anasazi dont have.

  1. Discovered by diffrent people.
  2. They used diffrent mitirial for their buildings.
  3. The Mayans had kings.
  4. The Mayans also had Glyphs.

These are the things that the Anasazi have that the Mayans dont have.

  1. They have emperers instead of kings.
  2. The Anasazi had english Glyphs from the english alphabet.
  3. They worshiped diffrent types of Gods.