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May 25, 2018

2017-2018... My How We've Grown!

Thanks to each and every one of you for our amazing year of growth at SMS! Hopefully, our focus on growth mindset has helped you to unleash the incredible power of your own thoughts! If you are growth-oriented, you will not panic if things get difficult. You won't avoid things that are tough. You'll be patient with yourself as you try, and fail, and adjust and try again, and ultimately get better. A growth mindset can help you with school, with relationships, and with your future career. A growth mindset will help you until you are 100 years old and beyond!

So as we launch into a fun summer vacation, remember to keep going... and keep growing!

Good Luck to the Class of 2022

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Elective course request forms are overdue! Get your form turned in to the SMS office asap!

Spring pictures (or money) were due long ago. Are you good with that obligation? If not, return your pictures or bring your money to the office asap.

Library books are due today!

iPads and chargers are due on Wednesday, May 30th. As you prepare to bid your iPad adieu, remember to put all critical content in your Drive account. iPads will be updated over the summer and there is no guarantee that content on your ipad will be saved. Students that fail to return functional original Apple chargers and functional covers will be billed for those things this summer.

Report Cards and Such

Teachers will finalize grades by 3 PM on Monday, June 4th. Report cards will be created on Tuesday, June 5th. Cards will be available for viewing in Harmony Family Access by Wednesday, June 6th. SMS will be mailing paper copies of report cards as well as parent access codes for online access to 2018 ISTEP scores to parents by Friday, June 8th. Any student that is being retained will also receive a paper with info regarding that outcome.

Sports, Sports, Sports

The fall athletic season for the 2018-2019 school year will be starting much earlier than normal next year. In most cases, the first contest for each team is the first week of school - and the first football scrimmage is before school starts! If you plan to go out for a fall sport, read this information carefully!

  • The first student day of school is August 13th. First contest dates are below.

    • The first Boys Tennis match is August 16th.

    • The first Cross Country meet is August 13th.

    • The first 7/8 Football game (and cheer) is August 9th.

    • The first 6th, 7th, and 8th grade VB match is August 20th.

    • The first girls Soccer match is TBA.

    • The first boys Soccer match is August 6th.

  • First practice info will be announced in Eventlink and via SchoolReach calls.

  • Please make sure both you and your parents are signed up for Eventlink so you get all of the important information in a timely fashion.

  • Physicals must be turned in to your coach prior to your first contest. Make sure you have a copy of the SMS physical form when you leave for the summer.

Don't wait until school starts to get interested in sports! Get ready NOW!

Exciting Staff News!

It's time to salute some very special individuals that will be concluding their careers at SMS next Friday! Please take time to congratulate Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Lohr, Mrs. Petty, Mrs. Hough, and Mr. Wooley.

Mrs. Decker is retiring after a 15-year career as a counselor at SMS. Prior to coming to us, Mrs. Decker worked at a communications company and started a family and became a stay-at-home mom. Mrs. Decker is responsible for many of the great guidance programs we currently offer and she'll be long remembered for helping connect so many community presenters to SMS. Mrs. Decker and her husband Tim plan to travel, spend time with their sons, and move to a new location. As of now, they are planning to move to... somewhere!

Mrs. Lohr is retiring after a 29-year career as a language arts teacher at SMS. She started teaching at Lexington Elementary, then taught several years in the 6th grade at SMS before landing in her current, important role as the Cool Ray 7 language arts teacher. Mrs. Lohr plans to travel, babysit her great-nephew, and spend time with family, friends, and her husband, Mark!

Mrs. Petty is retiring after a 37-year career in SCSD2. Mrs. Petty started at SES, then JES, and then has been at our school since 1991. Mrs. Petty has been a science teacher, team leader, and department chair for a long, long, time! During her retirement, Mrs. Petty looks forward to serving in her church, helping her mom, spending time with her family, teaching mini-lessons for her granddaughters' classes, and traveling with her husband, Jeff.

Mrs. Hough is leaving us next week to start on a new career path at Scottsburg High School. Mrs. Hough has been an aide for us for several years and she's also been going to college! Mrs. Hough was hired this week to be a special education teacher at SHS! Congratulations to Mrs. Hough and best wishes in your new career! We'll enjoy having another friendly face when our students start 9th grade!

Mr. Wooley is going to finish up his teaching degree by taking additional classes and doing his student teaching next fall. We'll likely be seeing him as a sub and as a coach and maybe someday soon as a full-time teacher! Congratulations on taking this next big step in your career path!

FREE Sports Physicals for 2018-2019

SCSD2 has partnered with Scott Memorial Hospital to offer FREE SPORTS PHYSICALS for SCSD2 Middle School and High School athletes! The free clinic will be held at Meyer Gym on June 4th, 8:30 AM-Noon. Save money and don't wait 365 days to get a physical from your family doctor in order for insurance to cover. Athletes are encourage to come according to the following schedule: Fall Sports - 8:30-10:00 am Winter Sports - 10:00-11:00 am Spring Sports - 11:00 am - Noon Multi-Sport athletes may chose which timeframe they want to come.

Thank you to Scott Memorial and SCSD2 for this great opportunity!

Athletes can find a download a copy of the form on the SMS web page or pick up one in the office. NOTE: HS and MS athletes use different forms. Eighth graders get a form from SHS or their web site. Fifth, sixth, and seventh graders use the form from the SMS web site or the SMS office!

Free Summer Lunch Program: Check it out!!!

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Big Events!

Monday, May 28th: Memorial Day // No school

Wednesday, May 30th: iPad/Charger return day. Get your iPad-housed content into the cloud before you give up your iPad! Start now.

Thursday, May 31st: SMS Academic Award Night @ 6:30 PM in the West gym. 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade honor roll students and their families will be invited. Neck medallions will be awarded to students. Select 8th graders will give speeches. Questions about the award program should be directed to Miss Nass.

Friday, June 1st: 8th Grade Breakfast 8:15 AM. The Class of 2022 and staff will enjoy a free breakfast from SMS. Students will receive their fall 2015 letters to self!

Friday, June 1st: Spring Award Assembly 9:15 AM. Parents are invited to join us as we recognize several clubs, spring sports, character and more!

Friday, June 1st: Last day of school! Spring Awards Assembly 9:15 AM. Eighth Grade "2022 Graduation Rehearsal Program" 1:00 PM.

Bravo to our SMS Vocalists!

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Dress Code 2018-2019

SMS has high standards for student appearance. The SMS Dress Code is designed to reduce distractions that interfere with the educational process, to protect student health and safety, to promote positive student interaction, and to prepare students for a working world where appearance may not be their choice.

All clothing must be clean and provide adequate coverage throughout the day. Student apparel must provide full torso coverage from the armpits to the extended length of the fingertips. Clothing cannot be see-through. Tops must have a sleeve. Undergarments must be covered at all times. Footwear must be worn at all times (shoes, boots, flip flops, etc.) Apparel or accessories will not contain text or images that represent alcohol, drugs, tobacco, violence, slurs, gang-related messages or sexually suggestive images.

The following items are not to be worn without administrative permission: outerwear, pajama pants/loungewear, slippers, shoes with heels in excess of 1 inch, wheeled or light-up shoes, clothing or accessories with spikes, pins, or otherwise potentially hazardous components, gloves or hand coverings, sunglasses, hats, or bandanas.

Hair and makeup must not be distracting. Facial piercings (other than ear) and cosmetic contacts are not allowed. Students are not to write on their skin or clothing at school.

Students with questionable apparel will be referred to the office. The administration will make final dress code decisions. Students in violation of the code will receive discipline (1st offense = warning, 2nd and subsequent offenses = detention), and will be required to remedy the violation themselves or with a school-provided alternative if such is available.

Any questions about student appearance should be directed to the administration.

A Summer Wish

We want you all to have a safe and fun summer! To help keep yourself and your friends safe, be sure use social media in kind and helpful ways. Lift each other up. Avoid arguments, name calling, or online threats. Remember that social media is rarely the place to solve problems, and that is often the place to cause problems. Avoid oversharing. And don't communicate with individuals that you do not know in person.

Make sure you put your phones down, on occasion, and enjoy time with family and friends. Try to see as much of your summer as possible live and in person and not through a lens. Be ready for some great days and be ready for some boring or rough days. If you are feeling blue, reach out to a family member or to a good book. Take a walk. Do something healthy. Do something to help others.

Pick up a new skill or sharpen an old one. Sing. Run. Fish. Draw.

Be a jungle tiger. Enjoy your summer!

Next Week...

Mon. May 28: Memorial Day, NO SCHOOL

Tue. May 29: A day, Band Banquet at SHS

Wed. May 30: B day, Cross 7:15am, iPad/Charger Turn In Day

Thu. May 31: A day, Student Council 7:15am, Student Council Bash 3:15, Choir Banquet 6 PM, SMS Academic Awards 6:30 PM @ SMS

Fri. June 1: Last Day of School! Spring Awards 9:15am, 8th grade Program 1:00pm