V for violence

violence kills

"Violence can be used for good"

V said "Violence can be used for good" to Evey when they were at his safehouse. This quote relates to the dystopian society in many ways. In the movie violence was used to enforce the rules and put fear in people's mind. same in some countries across the world they use violence to enforce rules to prevent people from acting out.

School Sonnet

School Bell

Everyday on my way to class

I'm always running to beat the bell

sprinting to look for my month old pass

The bells help us not fail

But they also help fill up ISS

I try to come earlier

But the school bell has us calling S.O.S.

which has me thinking sooner than later

I'd be better off skipping

because now i have to serve restricted lunch

I'd rather be running

Than eating my lunch in silence

School bells are apart of dictatorship

And this school is a dystopian world


The world we live in today is a growing dystiopia, and someday will become full fledge. Many people don't realize the government rules the world. The government could be watching your every move and you would never have any clue. For example Google uses their Google Chrome to track what sites people go to for advertisement. The new Iphones have a finger scanner so the government can track where you are and what you're doing at all times.

Communist countries like China, have limited rights with no freedom of speech, religion, or freedom of the press. China is the closet thing to a dystopian country in present day life. Communism will one day spread across to every city and country and will turn into a dystopian world similar to the book.

A modern day example is the Edward Snowden Leak. Edward Snowden leaked government information to China from the U.S.A. He has been charged with 3 offenses all of which are very serious."The US indicted him on three charges, including two under the Espionage Act: theft of government property, unauthorized communication of national defense information and willful communication of classified intelligence to an unauthorized person, with a possible combined sentence of up to 30 years in jail. Further charges could be added". "His supporters in Germany, including prominent members of the Green party, are pushing for him to be granted asylum in the country, given the service they say he has done in revealing the scale of surveillance, particularly the secret US monitoring of Angela Merkel's mobile phone".

As the article Big Brother is watching you is a prime example of our world being dystopia like. The people of India now have the right to stalk their love ones or whatever they feel the need to do. The chief political executive of a province allows Indians to have the ability to stalk whoever they choose. "Crime control unit of the Gujarat police were ordered to monitor every movement and conversation of an adult woman for no credible security reason". India just keeps an eye on women for no good reason. Knowing that most stalkers are either obsessed or have an extreme hate for one another this is still legal.

We are living in a growing dystopian world and year by year its growing more and more. The government is running the world and are keeping secrets from the people for unknown reasons. The government has to much power and this is a world wide affect. Some citizens try to rebel but get put down with efforts to send a message.

3 to death

Friday, Oct. 31st 2014 at 12am

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Los Angeles, CA

This event is solely to put fear into people's eyes. Having to choose 3 random people who committed the worst crimes as a public example. Similar to how the book did their 2 minutes of hate. This will be televised and done in the public every year held wherever the largest city may be. There will not be any guest speakers but the host of the 3 to death. There will be a custom made songs played throughout the event, along the lines of emotional type songs.
Radiohead 2+2=5 Lyrics


The song 2+2=5 also known as “The Lukewarm” was first premiered in San Sebastian, Spain on July 31, 2002 performed by Radiohead. This single was a part of the album called Hail to the Thief and a year later in 2003 2+2=5 made it to number 15 in the UK singles chart.

2+2=5 should be the theme song for 1984 because in a way it gives a direct quote from the book, and also talks about January having April showers. As we all know January is still winter time so it couldn’t be raining in the first place. It would be to cold and it does not snow as often as it rains in April. So this connection to the book would be like Goldstein saying he can float as easy as a bubble. Goldstein also said everything revolves around the earth, including the sun and every other planet, as if earth was the center of attention. 2+2=5 the single could directly quote O’Brian when at the end of the book he said the same “2+2=5” because the party wants it. Even though it makes no sense and has no reasonable explanation behind it.

The song talks about how the government (which would be the party in this case) runs the world. The party has all the power possible, they put so much fear into people it makes them do right and even turn against their own families. Like O’Brian’s daughter told the thought police on him closer to the beginning of the book.


Are you such a dreamer

To put the world to rights

I'll stay home forever

Where two and two always makes a five

I'll lay down the tracks

Sandbag and hide

January has April showers

And two and two always makes a five

It's the devil's way now

There is no way out

You can scream and you can shout

It is too late now

Because you're not there

Payin' attention

Payin' attention

Payin' attention

Payin' attention

yeah I feel it, I needed attention

Payin' attention

Payin' attention

Payin' attention

Yeah I need it, I needed attention

I needed attention

I needed attention

I needed attention

Yeah I love it, the attention

Payin' attention

Payin' attention

Payin' attention

Soon oh

I try to sing along

But the music's all wrong

Cos I'm not

Cos I'm not

I'll swallow up flies?

Back and hide

But I'm not

Oh hail to the thief

Oh hail to the thief

But I'm not

But I'm not

But I'm not

But I'm not

Don't question my authority or put me in the box

Cos I'm not

Cos I'm not

Oh go up to the king, and the sky is falling in

But it's not

But it's not

Maybe not

Maybe not

Trending Apple Products

Apple fans are obsessed with apple products and will do anything to get the next generation of products. If you don't have an apple product you are not relevant to any technology conversations. These fans all have the latest updates within the first few hours of the release. Some people will even camp out in front of an apple stores just to get a new phone or apple device. Apple users all think they have the best phones, computers etc... No matter what the case is. They all stick together and talk about facetime, Imessage, and apps only for I products.

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