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Archives War

Archives Conflict

There is some breaking news, the Archives War has begun. There was news of Mexico trying to invade, so our President Sam Houston decided to move the state archives, from Austin, to Houston. Some people didn't like the idea of this, especially Austin residents. They thought they were gonna move the capital to Houston. After the short conflict, the documents ended up back home, in Austin. The defense was led by Angelina Elberly, whenever the people holding the documents came. She led them by firing cannons at the people who were holding the documents.

The officials were holding the documents in wagons, and they were trying to run with them. This how Texan, Samuel Maverick described the incident. " We were firing of a...cannon...succeeded [followed] immediately by the... tramp of a body men. A dense fog obscured [hid] them from actual observation until they had advanced into the public square...when the fog disappeared discovering[revealing] to us that we were surrounded on all sides by the bodies of regular [Mexican] troops."

Angelina Elberly also added in on a quote of her own. " I felt what I did, was the right thing to do. The documents belong here, in Austin." Another quote was made, by President Sam Houston. " I think the decision I made was wise, and necessary. The documents probably would not be save in [Austin] the target, the capital."