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September 19, 2016

Our Mission

Cedar Hill students, staff and families are committed to ensuring high levels of learning for all students and providing a positive, safe, and consistent climate that promotes student character.

Character Trait of the Month: Respect

Professional Development This Week: Building Positive Community in Any Classroom

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Congratulations Ms. Girard's Class- Attendance Trophy Winner Last Week!

Grandparents Donut Day!

Thank you!!! Grandparents Donut Day was a HUGE success!!! I think we had record numbers this year!!! I heard nothing but wonderful feedback from the grandparents I got to talk to Friday morning! "Everyone is so friendly!" "The teachers are so nice!" "My grandchild LOVES Cedar Hill!" I could list so many more! The kids were beaming with pride with having their special grandparent or friend with them! The hallways looked great too! I am so proud of all of you! Lots of pictures were posted on Facebook of the event!


IReady testing has gone very smoothly!!! We will continue with grade levels testing throughout the upcoming week. I will also be calling students to the lab for make-up testing when space allows. We will be completely finished by Sept. 30th!

Inside Recess- Lunch and Grade Level

Since we are no longer combining classes when we have indoor recess (lunch or grade level), I wanted to share that the game cart is always available since no two grade levels overlap at afternoon recess time. If we get more game donations, we will have two rolling carts of inside recess activities! Please do not show videos and avoid showing book videos during this recess time. It is the students' recess time and time for them to be building relationships, learning important social skills that games and activities can offer, and/or having some type of movement activity/brain break. Feel free to ask parents (in your newsletters) for games/Legos/building blocks, etc. donations for our traveling inside recess cart(s).

This and That


Please give me a copy of any mid-term (C or below) that you sent home on Friday. Thank you!


These committees need representation from each grade level to ensure effective communication:

PBS Tier 2-

_____________Grade 1

Jennifer Bearden - Grade 5

PTO Teacher Representative (Can be shared)__________________________

WIN/Intervention Committee- Currently represented by:

Jessica L (K)

Ashley Stockman (1)

Casey Dickey (2)

Polly Colozza (SpEd) Bridget (Psychologist)

Leah Goodin (3)

Shelley Kleene (4)

______________ Grade 5.


Professional Growth Plans are due in Talent Ed by October 30. The plan goals should be on Indicators 3.3 and 7.2.

Kelly Services

*Kelly Services Number is 1-866-535-5998. Calls need to be made before 6:15 AM.

Call Lorie if you are needing the day off. You can call as early as 5:30AM- 680-6211.


Be sure to get your website updated for September!

Classroom Newsletters

Turn a copy of your newsletter into me each week.


The October Staff Appreciation Breakfast is scheduled for Thursday, October 20. If you would like to nominate someone for the October staff appreciation breakfast, please send me an email with 2-3 sentences as to why you are nominating this person. Nominations are due by Friday, September 23.

Lunch Bunch! Outstanding Behavior!!

Upcoming Calendar Events

Monday, Sept. 19

Walking Day K, 1, 5

8:15- Lorie Meets with Jessica Smith

9:20- IReady Testing- Grade 2 Math 45-60- Sarah, Jessica, Polly- help with sign-in

9:30-12:15- Lorie meets with Dr. Shindorf

1:00- IReady Testing Grade 3 Math 45-60 - Sarah, Jessica, Lorie- help with sign-in

3:00- IEP (J.E.) Viessman, Castle, Colozza, Rost

6:00 JCPS Board Meeting

Tuesday, Sept. 20

Walking Day 2, 3, 4

8:00- PBS Tier 1 Meeting

9:30-11 IReady Testing - Kindergarten ELA (15)- Georgie, Sarah, Jessica, LeAnne-

help with sign-In MORNING TESTING

2:00-3:40- Make-up testing- LAB

5:30- JCPS Foundation GALA

Wednesday, Sept. 21

Walking Day K, 1, 5

Lorie, Amber, and Casey- PLC Year 4 training

8:15- Germanfest Practice

9:30-11:00 IReady Testing -First Grade math Georgie, Sarah, Jessica, Ezara

Ashley Stockman- LAB; Stephanie- CHROMEBOOKS

12:30- IReady Testing- First Grade- Georgie, Ezara- only Viessman- LAB

Thursday, Sept. 22

Walking Day 2, 3, 4

8:00- Lorie attends Elementary Principal's Meeting

9:30-10 IReady Testing - Kindergarten math (15) Georgie, Sarah, Jessica, LeAnne

LONG and DUTCHER ONLY (McBaine is gone today.)

1:20- Eval (TB) Dutcher, Castle, Rost

3:00- First grade team meets with Lorie, Jessica and Polly (Bring results of your DRA testing to discuss lowest achievers in reading skills)

6:00- PTO Meeting- Library

Friday, Sept. 23

Walking Day K, 1, 5 (Grade 2 remains in gym today.)

8:00- Faculty Learning Center - FASTT Math- Liz; IReady Update- Jessica- SHELLEY's Room

8:15- Germanfest Practice-

9:20- Tornado Drill- Procedure Discussion Drill during Class Meeting today

9:30 IReady Testing- Lab- McBaine - Sarah, Jessica

1:30 Make Up Testing in LAB-

2:45- Lorie meets with Bridget and Dr. Burns (MU)

7:00- Germanfest Performance- UCC- Ashley Street

Monday, Sept. 26 2, 3, 4 Walking

8:10- Service Plan (L and R. S.) Polowy, Castle, Rost

9:30-11:00- Make-up

12:30- Ginny Vandelicht and DESE- Tour

1:30- Make up testing- LAB

Tuesday, Sept. 27 K, 1, 5 Walking

8:10- RED (H.P.) Goodin, Frank, Castle, Rost

4:00- 7:00 Lorie attends iReady Data Workshop- Dix Road

Wednesday, Sept. 28 2, 3, 4 Walking

8:00-3:30- Lorie attends ICLE Cohort Training- Belair

Thursday, Sept. 29 K, 1, 5 Walking

8:00- PBS Tier 2 Meeting- Jessica's room

Friday, Sept. 30 2, 3, 4 Walking


9:30- Spirit Assembly