The Scoop On Hamlet

By Kyle Borden

Who Gave us Hamlet?

The Author of Hamlet is William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is a Pioneer in the fine arts world. He is said to be a writer who was ahead of the barriers he broke. He made his characters more complex then anyone had ever before him. He created new words in his plays and ultimately and huge influence on the way we write today.

Some Interesting Facts

  • Had 7 siblings
  • Was very poor as a child
  • Had little education
  • Was self-taught
  • Made a career out of managing theatre companies
  • Wrote 40 plays (2 lost)
  • Was a fan of hallucinagenic drugs

Hamlet in a Nutshell... Heres a video

So long story short, Hamlet's father King Hamlet was killed by his power hungry Uncle Claudius. No one actually knows that information accept the audience and Claudius himself (Maybe Hamlet's mom too, but you'll have to read to find out). One night Hamlet's dead father's ghost comes back and tells him that Claudius is the one who killed him and he must avenge his death. Hamlet is thoughtful by nature and devotes himself to avenging his father's death. Shakespeare dives into the complexity of his protagonist and really brings him and the other characters to life. Hamlet falls into a madness and while trying to avenge his father's death. This madness is what ignites the ticking time bomb exploding into what shapes this story. Watch Below...
Video SparkNotes: Shakespeare's Hamlet Summary