The U.S. Army

by. Jamal Woods

Did you know that u.s army had a band ?

The U.S. Army created in 1775 from the single corps drummers in the "Revolutionary war" to the full brass bands WW2 ' music has been a critical part U.S. Army band members have the unique opportunity to serve their country wile making music

THE U.S. ARMY strength

The U.S. Army strength lies not only in numbers but also individual soldier because no matter what job they have or rank they hold -there is nothing stronger than a U.S. Army solder

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The U.S. Army troops

The army consists in more of more than 735,000 troops in number about 535,000 on active duty ready to respond immediately to any mission around 199,000 in the army reserve who can be rapidly mobilized when their skills are need in times of national emergency of global conflict

weapon and equipment

Army soldier carry some the most powerful weapons they can get there hands on like the M9 ,M16 and more the M-16 rifle can shoot a hundreds of bullets in a minute

Army Vehicles

The tanks are apart of the U.S. Army they are the most powerful Army vehicles they shoot large shells from a main gun this vehicles take a group to operate then you have a Humvee can be used as ambulances or missile carriers and a assault vehicles

Army jobs

Army jobs they have many of them the main ones are soldiers fight in battles on land other soldiers are pilots doctors and mechanics