It Ain't All For Nothin'

Author: Walter Dean Myers


The conflict is that tippy's grandmother gets sick, and tippy has to go stay with his dad for awhile.

Character Desciption

Man vs. Man: When Tippy argued with his dad about his grandmother
Man vs. Nature: When Tippy is outside and he almost got bit by a dog.
Man vs. Self: When Tippy has to leave the hospital building , but he didnt want too.
Man vs. Society: When the nurse would not allow Tippy to stay in the hospital room with his grandmother, but he wanted too.


Life isn't really easy in harlem , But Tippy and his grandmother are making it. Then Tippys grandmother gets sick , And tippy has to stay with his father lonnie for a while , Who isnt quite ready to take care of his child yet

Remmendation / Rate

I think anyone would love this book

I would rate this book as a 4 star book

Montrevious Jackson 12/11/2015