By: D'j West


  • pressure is force per unit
  • the greater the force of a given area, the greater the pressure
  • the smaller the area is on which a given force acts, the greater the pressure


  • strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.


  • the extent or measurement of a surface
  • to get the pressure u dived the area by the force

formula for pressure

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measuring pressure

  • a barometer is a device used to measure atomspheric pressure.
  • the barometer was introduced to the world in 1600's by Evangelista Torricelli
  • he discovered pump could only raise water 34 feet high
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How Does a Barometer Work?

helpful information

  • a common unit of measuring pressure is millimeter of mercury(Hg)
  • pressures can also be measured in unit of atmospheres
  • because the averge atmospheric at sea level at 0 degrees celcius is, 760mm Hg