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Turbulent flow is best used for slowing down objects. It comes in best use during a car race. The cars are most likely simplified designed for the purpose of racing at high speeds and so, it is harder to stop them. Race cars have a flap at the back which shoots up when the driver is about to break and since it is vertical, it is blocking the air flow to get across, creating a whirl pool which then result in air flow disturbance leading to slow down and eventually completely halt the car.

What is turbulent flow ?

Turbulent Flow

Movement of a fluid in which subcurrents in the fluid display turbulence, moving in irregular patterns, while the overall flow is in one direction. Turbulent flow is common in nonviscous fluids moving at high velocities and considerable mixing occurs .

For example when you turn on the tap , the water that splashes around the sides then goes through the drain is known as turbulent flow. Or when water is going the other direction from the pipe , water is coming out instead of going in. The water is spitting out and coming at a high speed and not all coming out it the same direction .

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