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The three earliest cuisines of Canada have First nations, English, and French roots, with the traditional cuisine of English Canada closely related to British , while the traditional cuisine of French Canada has evolved from French Cuisine and the winter provisions of fur traders.

to 10 Canadian foods

10- Tim Horton’s iced cap

You know summer has arrived when you see Canadians across the country clutching their frosty, creamy Tim Horton’s iced caps, a blend of Tim’s signature coffee, cream (or milk), and ice.

9- Beaver tails

A whole wheat pastry is flattened to resemble a beaver tail (how patriotic!) and is cooked by “floating” on top of hot oil. Then they remove it, slather it with butter, and add your favourite toppings (the classic is sweet cinnamon sugar).

8- Tourtiere

Tourtiere, which is a Christmas dinner staple on the tables’ of Quebeckers, is a meat pie often made with ground pork, veal or beef.

7- Labatt Blue

It may seem strange to have a beer on a top 10 Canadian foods’ list, but when suds are their own food group in a country, you can’t deny acknowledging Canada’s favourite local brew.

6- Maple syrup

Sure, maple syrup may be in pantries across the globe, but this yummy concoction was first discovered and used by Native Americans in north-eastern North America, so Canadians will gladly take credit for making maple syrup a sweet staple.

5- May West

The Canadian version of the Twinkie, a May West consists of a round cake with a creamy center enrobed in chocolate. Can’t get much better than that!

4- Dill pickle chips

Americans eat ranch, in England they snack on roasted chicken flavoured chips, and Canadians love their tangy home-grown dill pickle chips.

3- Nanaimo Bars

Named after the city in BC, Nanaimo bars have layers upon layers of sugary goodness – first a thick crumb crust, then a layer of vanilla frosting or custard, and then it’s topped with melted chocolate.

2- Smoked meat

Smoked meat originated in Jewish delis in Montreal, and it became so popular that the city became known for its coveted smoked meat sandwiches (served warm, on rye bread, with a bit of mustard and a dill pickle on the side).

1- Poutine

A list of the top 10 Canadian foods wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the most popular, and possibly the least nutritious, Canadian dish out there – poutine, a Quebec staple that’s a melange of greasy thick-cut fries, squeaky cheese curds and warm peppery gravy. Tres bien!

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Cretons: Break your morning butter-and-jam routine and have some cretons instead! This Quebecois tradition is a seasoned pork-and-onion po/ootZ often spread on toast.

Dulse: This tasty, nutritious, protein-packed seaweed washes up on the shores of Atlantic Canada and is used in cooking much the same ways one uses onions: chopped, sauted, and added to everything from omelets to bread dough.

Malpeques: Many consider these Prince Edward Island delicacies the world's tastiest oysters, harvested with great care by workers who rake them out of the mud by hand. If you can find them, the "pride of P.E.I." will cost you dearly.

Maple syrup: Close to 90 percent of Canada's maple syrup comes from Quebec, and Canada is the world's largest producer of this sweet, sticky pancake topping.

Nanaimo bar: New York also claims this confection, but the thoughtful Manhattanite doesn't utter that on Vancouver Island. It's a chocolate bar layered with nuts, buttercream, and sometimes peanut butter or coconut. Nanaimo bars are well liked throughout Canada and in bordering U.S. regions (especially around Seattle).

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