Hillside News Brief

Back to School Edition, July 2021

Welcome Back!

Hillside welcomes you to the 2021-22 school year! We are looking forward to a year of reincorporating many of our beloved Hillside traditions. Our first opportunity to be together will be at Sneak-a-Peek Night on the 12th of August. See below for more information.

We are excited to see all our Hillside Tigers back at school before you know it!

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Sneak a Peek Night is Thursday, August 12, at 6:00 p.m.

It seems like the summer just flew by, and here we are, nearly ready to begin a fresh, new school year. There are still a number of weeks left, so hang onto summer a little while longer!

Sneak-a-Peek Night is Thursday, August 12, from 6:00-7:00 p.m. here at Hillside. This is a night for you to come up, meet teachers, say hello to friends, and bring school supplies, if you wish (Kindergarten families, please do not bring supplies up until Monday, August 23rd, please). We are looking forward to seeing you at Hillside on August 12!

Important Dates for You

Thursday, August 12: Sneak-a-Peek from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, August 17: First day of school (Grades 1-6); first day for Kindergarten Group 1

Thursday, August 20: First day of school for Kindergarten Group 2

Monday, August 23: All of kindergarten attends school together

Tuesday, August 31: Instrumental Curriculum Information meeting from 6:30-7:30pm (this meeting will be held at Westside Middle School in the auditorium)

Community Club Needs YOU!

2020-21 was a challenging year, and Hillside's Community Club was unable to host the events we look forward to every year. These are events like:

  • The Community Club Meet and Greet (August)
  • Grandfriends' Day (September)
  • The Hillside Picnic (September)
  • Trunk or Treat (October)
  • Winter Parties (December)
  • Hillside School Dance (March)
  • STEAM Night (April)
  • Field Day (May)
  • Spring Fling (May)
  • Various Family Nights throughout the school year

Last year, we set aside Community Club meetings and fundraising efforts in order to keep our community safe and to adhere strictly to district protocols.

We are looking forward to having parents, guardians, and volunteers back in our building this school year. Currently, the district protocol has yet to be announced; but, in anticipation of being able to resume meetings, it is important to let you know that Hillside lacks Community Club leadership! Running the Community Club could be a job that several people share throughout the year. Volunteers could share tasks so that no one person shoulders all the responsibility.

Please reach out to Principal Bailey at bailey.cynthia@westside66.net if you would be interested in joining in to help with Community Club efforts; our students and families love school events, and we very much want to make sure we organize gatherings as much as we are able.

Thank you for considering contributing some of your time to make our school a great place to learn and grow!

Health Room

Hillside's Health Assistant, Mrs. Ecklebe, is here to assist you with your student's health needs. Her direct number is 402-390-8460. Please call with health questions or issues, and she will be happy to help.

Parent & Guardian Information for You

Hillside Families:

Below is a link to information about many aspects of our school; please take a moment to read through the information below. Thank you, and welcome to the 2021-22 school year!

To 5th Grade Parents and Students

You are invited to BE A PART OF THE MUSIC! This fall, 5th grade students will have the opportunity to do what so many successful students have done in previous years by being a part of Band and Strings! In the first three weeks of school, instrumental music teachers will be visiting all elementary buildings, demonstrating the instruments available, and giving students the opportunity to select an instrument of their choice. The instrumental music team will have a parent meeting about the program on Tuesday, August 31, at 6:30 pm at Westside Middle School. All are welcome to attend to learn about elementary instrumental music and to meet the teachers. The whole team is excited to introduce your child to the world of instrumental music!

The Elementary Instrumental Music Staff

Gail Carpenter-Johnson, Michael Freeman, Viktoria Matheson and Ken Meints

Supply Requests

Parents and Guardians:

Please see the Hillside student supply request lists below. These supplies are a donation and reflect requests from classroom teachers. If you choose to supply teachers with any or all supplies listed for your student's grade level, please know these supplies will go directly to classrooms to be distributed when needed. We are grateful for the support of our families in supplying our classrooms each year.

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Water bottles

At present, Hillside's drinking fountains are still disabled because of COVID protocols. Please consider sending your student to school with a water bottle, clearly marked with your student's first and last name, if possible. Thank you!

Carpool Lane Procedures at Hillside

If you are new to our school, welcome to Hillside! We have a very efficient and organized carpool lane so that we keep everyone safe at drop-off and pick-up. Please see the carpool pathway below so that you are prepared on the first day of school to drop-off and/or pick-up your student(s).


  • Stay in your vehicle
  • Pull up as far as you are able to do so before stopping to drop off or pick up student(s)
  • Pull into the parking lot and park in a space if your child(ren) require(s) you to get out, help them buckle or unbuckle, etc.
  • Feel free to pull around those in front of you to exit if you are loaded and ready to go; there is a free lane in order to do so, and it keeps traffic moving

We have staff outside ready to help you and to direct drivers; please give them a smile and a wave! We are here to help you and to keep your student(s) safe.

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Dismissal Plans and Information: IMPORTANT

It is important to us that we know how your student(s) is/are getting home before the first day of school! Please take a moment to fill out the dismissal survey here:

Hillside Student Dismissal Survey 21-22

Please fill out one survey for each student attending Hillside. Thank you so much!

New Second Grade Teacher

We are pleased to welcome Ms. Danielle Kraft to Hillside, teaching second grade. Ms. Kraft student taught in third grade at Hillside in Fall 2020, and she has frequently brought her teaching skills to our school during the past school year. Former second grade teacher Mrs. Frederick will be taking on a new position with Westside as Instructional Coach for Hillside and Paddock Road.

We are very excited to welcome Ms. Kraft to Hillside, and we know it's going to be a great year!

New Speech Pathologist for Hillside

Please welcome Mrs. Rachel Culross to Hillside; she will be serving as our school's speech pathologist. We will miss Mr. Schade here at Hillside, as he has taken on a new role in our district as speech language pathologist with the Early Intervention Team (0-3 year old children).

We are excited to meet and to work with Mrs. Culross; we know she will be a great addition to the Hillside staff.

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District Approved Snack List

In order to avoid issues with allergic reactions to snacks brought into school, we ask you to please stick to the below snack list provided by our school district. These snacks are our best bet for providing safer snacks to all students; we will not serve to students anything other than what is on the below list! If you wish to provide a snack for your student's classroom (i.e., special occasions like birthdays, etc.), please choose from the snack list. Of course, you may send what you would like for your own student's consumption during snack time; we only ask that you avoid sending products containing peanuts, as we have quite a few students with severe peanut allergies. The items on the snack list are for serving to a classroom of students. Thank you for your help and support!
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Legal Paperwork

Please note that Hillside's front office must be informed regarding any legal documentation regarding your child/children, including restraining orders, custody changes, or address changes. Thank you for keeping us updated.
Westside Snack List 2021-22

District-approved snacks that you can bring in to school any time!