What's Going On In Class?

Ms. Kaieda's Monthly Newsletter


Welcome to Ms. Kaieda's PreKindergarten class. Here I will be updating monthly news about what's going on in class.

We will be learning _______


the students will be able to retell or re-enact a story after it is read aloud to them.

the students will be able to ask and answer questions about the book.


the students will be able to recognize and compare heights or lengths of people or objects.

the students will be able to use location words. (ex. over, under, above, next to, etc.)


the students will be able to describe the life cycles of an organism.

Social Studies:

the students will be able to discuss the roles and responsibilities of community workers.

Stars of the Month

Upcoming Events

PreKindergarten Field Trip to the zoo 11/08

Book Fair 11/22

Thanksgiving Break 11/27 - 12/01

School Play (The Nutcracker) 12/06

Graffiti Run 12/08

Winter Break 12/20 - 01/13

Click here for more information on the events.

Fun Activities to Try Out of School

Tell you the story

Read a book to the student and have them retell the story to you before they go to bed.

Go out for a walk or stay at home and play I Spy

Play I Spy with the student using only location words. (ex. above, below, next to, etc.)

An example would be "I Spy something that is red that is above the table."

Alternate who gives the "spying" between you and the student.