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Week Ending October 13th

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Thank you for those who donated to the Susan Komen Fundraiser this past week. The sea of PINK was wonderful throughout the district. We raised $330! Fantastic Job!

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I want to send a shout out to Danielle Morolda, Cheryl Noel, Carol Lawrence, Michele Ripish, Sabrina Petrella, Allan Regi, Steve Woolston and Jeannie Pompei for their assistance with the purchasing, set up and clean-up of the luncheon on the Staff October 6 In-Service Day…. Many thanks from Beth Pigott

I am very appreciative to my AWESOME team who constantly shares and makes sure that we are all on the same page. Thank you for always checking up on me and for taking the time to explain even the littlest of things! ~ Mrs. Cohen

What day is it?

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Fall Fun Recipes

Halloween Safety

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Cheap Halloween Decorations

New Teachers Tips


Do you hear the "superbowl" for south jersey fans?

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Let's get ready for some baseball...

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#ditchHW - 10pm-11pm Thursday Nights

#EdTherapy - The most Positive Education on Twitter Chat 9-10 PM Thursday Nights (BiWeekly) - Chat focuses on an array of Topics and educators connect to discuss solutions

#BFC530 - The breakfast club - 5:30 am daily - chat has one question for teachers and leaders to start the day positively

#ResilienceChat - Monday Nights 10-11 PM - Chat that focuses on resilience in schools and beyond

#TLAP - 9-10 PM Monday Nights (Innovative Teaching)

#satchat - 7:30 - 8:30 AM Saturday Mornings

#NJED - 8:30 - 9:30 PM Tuesday Nights (New Jersey Educators Chat)

Tragedy in California

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Want to donate money?

Donate to the Sonoma County Resilience Fund. The fund is overseen by the Community Foundation of Sonoma County and pledges to “focus on the mid- to long-term tasks of recovery and rebuilding, which will include basic needs as well as longer term economic, health and social supports.”

Donations can also be made to the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund.

Donations for both Lake County and Mendocino County are being coordinated by the Savings Bank of Mendocino County.

Donate to the American Red Cross. You can request via a drop-down menu that your donation go only to California wildfire victims, or donate to the organization’s broader disaster relief efforts.

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October 16th - Cultural Awareness Meeting 5pm-6:30pm Supt Conf Room in MTES

October 30th - MTSD Staff Book Club Meeting 3:45pm - 4:45pm in MTES

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Mansfield Mindfulness

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