January Newsletter

January 1st-31st

Calendar of Events

Jan 9th

School resumes

Jan 10th

Deerfield Dines-out at Toppers

Jan 14th

Geography Bee 8:05 a.m.

Jan 15th

Site Council Meeting 4:30 p.m.

PTO Meeting 7:00 p.m.

Jan 17th

Martin Luther King Celebration

January 21st


Jan 28th

PTO Swim Night at Lawrence Aquatic

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Hy-Vee High Five

The Winner for December’s Hy-vee High Five is Amanda Davis, 3rd grade teacher. She was nominated by Leighton Scott. Congratulations!

Any student can nominate a teacher or staff member that makes a difference in their day. The teacher or staff member wins special rewards and gifts donated by Hyvee. Submit nominations at the office.

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I just wanted to send a warm "Thank You" to all who donated coats, hats, and scarfs! Boys & Girls Club is beyond thankful for your donation, and I am sure the Lawrence Community Shelter is equally as grateful. We couldn't do a lot of the things we do without your support, so thank you!

Have a great break!

Kassadie Burton

BGC Sit Coordinator

Greetings from your school counselor:

We have had a great few months at Deerfield working on social-emotional lessons in classrooms. We are learning much about the brain and how it relates to being in charge of our own thoughts. The entire school knows at least 5 parts of the brain and how our pre-frontal cortex “flips” while experiencing big emotions. Core practice and mindfulness, the simple act of paying attention on purpose, is giving the students skills to use deep breathing and a focused mind to help re-align the brain and bring it back to the “green zone” Ask your student about “core practice” and even doing the bell at home to increase your own ability to bring calm and focus to your brain. (link below)

Other topics you can ask your student in younger grades are: 2 strategies to melt the mean bug (count to 10 and blowing your bubble wand) and making smart goals to tackle their “2 tracks,” the one with their strengths and the other with the things they have not mastered “yet.” We all continue to have these tracks our whole life long, so creating visuals with your students will help them always be working toward goals!

We are currently talking about the power of thoughts, and making a habit of sending them down the positive side of the brain until it becomes natural to look at a situation and find the positive rather than the negative. (Ask your student about sending your thought down the positive sledding hill until it is carved into a new pathway in their brain)

The last of our topics are around kindness and the endless ripple acts of kindness create. Upper level students are learning about how those positive acts may not come back directly, but eventually and how it feels good to give!

I certainly enjoy working with your students and please be in touch if I can be a support.


Nicole Bobey, LSCSW


Deerfield Mental Health Professional


New Year, Same Reminders

Doors to the building are locked until 7:35 a.m. Students are not permitted in the building until 7:35. Please allow your child to wait in your warm car until the doors are unlocked.

Please do not drop students off in the driveway in the back of the school.

We do not allow cars to drop off on the playground. Please do not drive on the blacktop to drop off / pick up your child.

Thank You PTO!

Thank you to all the parents who provide holiday baked goods for our staff! This is our favorite day of the year - when we have an excuse to fill up on delicous baked goods!

Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast is served from 7:35 to 7:50 am. Breakfast WILL NOT be served after 7:50 am. If your child is having milk with lunch from home, please make sure there is money in their account.

Lunch Schedule

2nd Grade:11:00-11:25

5th Grade:11:15-11:40

KDay, KHumburg:11:30-11:55



1Bland, 1Chappell:11:50-12:15

3rd Grade:12:05-12:30

4th Grade:12:20-12:45

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