Our Week in 4th Grade

Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Hester, Mrs. Schranz

Our Week in Pictures

This Week in Math

Unit 1: Numbers and Operations

We have spent the past week reviewing place value and number sense. We focused on the value of digits in a certain place value, ways to write numbers, comparing numbers and rounding. We will begin discussing factors and multiples this week. This will help us better understand how to multiply multi-digit numbers.

IXL Topics: Number Sense, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication

Learn Zillion Videos: Factors LZ782, Multiples LZ799

This Week in Writing

Unit 1: Realistic Fiction

We have been working on creating lists of all of the things we love and topics that interest us. This will help us to start new pieces of writing by having a place for all of our ideas. We will continue to work on using small moments from our own lives to create story ideas and develop characters.

This Week in Reading

Unit 1: Launch

We've been so busy in reading class. We've been reading many wonderful books together. We also have been really focusing on different reading strategies to help us understand (comprehend) what we are reading. This week, we have worked on making connections, finding "just right books" for ourselves, and using KWL charts.

Daily Homework

Reading: read for 35 minutes

Math: practice facts for 10 minutes, practice with IXL and Prodigy

Important Dates

Thursday, Sept. 17th: Picture Day

Friday, Sept. 18th: No School