Come To Athens


Athens Economy

How Athens economy works is based on trade and tourists. Many visitors come and spend hundreads of dollars on our great stuff. And they come to visit our great schools and temples wile there here. They bring stuff from there region to bargain with us for our stuff.
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2 Groups

In Athens we have two groups of people who are not citizens of Greece women and slaves. I don't like to say it but women are treated differently then men. So when the husband dies the wife is never allowed to own the property. The women are also never allowed to vote.

Sparta Not So Good.

In Sparta if we are week you get left out on the streets to die only because your not ment for the military. when your 7 you leave your family to go to military school thats must be sad for kids who go to that school against there will. Sparta only believes in military not education or anything.
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