Long lost days recovered


Long lost days recovered

As the long days go by

Do you ever ask yourself

What’s the purpose of life?

Is it living and spending every second the best you could

Because some people couldn’t?

Are the thoughts of the past haunting your future

Whispering you “knew better!”

Is it setting an example for the people who have stabbed you with words?

No matter how many times you say

“Sticks and stones may break my bones

But words will never hurt me”

Those wounding words will eternally be engraved in your veins

So, is it the smiles all your loved ones bring to you

on a daily basis brightening your day,

Or the memories of your long lost love?

One thing I know for sure, is that

Life is about getting up and down

And making every moment count.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and actions.

You never know when that

Long day will pass by faster than an

Eye blink.

Notice the unique and beautiful human beings around you

When you walk down the street.

Help someone who is drowning of distress

Talk to someone whose thoughts are filled with nothing but


Don’t forget to say please and thank you

Like your old folks have taught you.

Hold the door for strangers,

It may make their day.

You see? That’s the thing about

Life, you should live the day as if it were your last.

Go out there and make someone

Rise from the black hole they are hiding in.

After all, all that we have left is each other.

Don’t be scared to take risks or else you will always wonder


what might have been!


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Valentina is a sophomore in high school. Her favorite classes are mathematics, art, biology, and animal science. She has a strong passion for art because it helps her express her emotions. She strives to live each day with happiness and perseverance so she can accomplish all of her goals. Valentina was born in Colombia and lived in Florida for three years before moving to Minnesota. The different environments she has encountered while living in another country and two different states have opened her eyes to see and interact with different people and cultures. This has helped her be more respectful, understanding, and appreciative of others. She approaches all challenges with positivism and a can-do attitude and helps everyone around her whenever they need it.