The Battle of Shiloh

By: Justin Shotton and Gavin Wilhelm

When and Where

The Battle of Shiloh started on April 6, 1862, and it ended the next day on the 7th. It was in Southwestern Tennessee, near the Tennessee River and Corinth, Missouri.


The Union general for the Battle of Shiloh was Ulysses S. Grant, commanding an army of 40,000 soldiers. The Union later got reinforcements from the Army of the Ohio during the second half of the battle, which gave them a total of 65,000 troops. The Confederate general was Albert Sydney Johnson, who was shot and killed in battle and was replaced by P.G.T Beauregard, who led an army of 40,000.


After a grand total of 23,000 casualties, the Union came out the victor. It was one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.

Battle Specifics

In the morning of the first day The confederacy launched many violent, yet unorganized, attacks on Grant's army, which forced the Union to retreat. The Confederacy was trying to quickly overpower the Union before their reinforcements arrived, but they did not have the force to do so. The reinforcements arrived later that day, after the fighting was done, and Grant decided that they would launch a surprise counter-attack at dawn. Now that the Union had more troops than the confederacy, with 45,000 and 25,000 respectively, Grant had the upper hand during the counter-attack. The Confederacy was completely taken off-guard by how much they were out-numbered, and lost many troops because of it. After the attack was over, Beauregard realized that he was too low on troops and supplies and he and his troops withdrew from the area, leaving Grant victorious.

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