Laila Dalton18

Day 1 Miami Fashion Week

I just arrived in Miami and its the fifteenth anniversary of Miami Fashion Week. People are saying it's going to be really exciting this year! There supost to be 10 runway shows and over 50 designers from more then 20 countries. Miami Fashion Week is ranked as number 5 on the world's fashion calendar.

Miami Fashion Week 2013 (Day 1 Highlights)

Day 2

Sunday, June 2nd, 11am

Sanibel Island

It's 11:00 am and I just reached Sanibel Island. When I was driving I saw a restaurant called The Island Cow http://www.sanibelislandcow.com/, I can't wait to eat! There was chocolate chip pancakes, my favorite. There were also eggs, bacon and much more.Next, i'm off to go shelling on the island. Travel & Leisure ranked Sanibel Island the Best of all U.S. beaches for shelling.

Day 3 St. Petersburgs

St. Petersburg is home to the Weedon Island Preserve http://www.exploresouthernhistory.com/weedonisland.html. A very important Native Americane culture was found here. It's been learned that this was a very advance civilization. This Weedon Island culture was at it's strongest around A.D zoo to A.D 900.