Auntie Em's Advice Column

What to do with jewelry

Dear Auntie Em,
I have a dilemma. I love jewelry but my fashion sense is deplorable and I'm going to a cocktail party next week. My dress is a quintessential "little black dress" and my friends tell me that anything goes with the LBD, but I have little faith in my oh so wonderful sense of fashion. So please please PLEASE help me!!!
- With distress and love,

Dear Juliette,
May I just say, ah the little black dress!! The possibilities are endless. First off, choose something in proportion to your body. If you are a small little thing, than please don't wear a cuff or a bulky necklace that are bigger than you. Secondly, though this is my preference, choose something that snatches the attention of everyone in the room. Most preferably do this with the color or the symmetry. Thirdly and lastly, make sure the necklace (if you so choose to wear a necklace) goes with your dresses neckline. If your LBD has a v neck, than choose a necklace with a v shape in it. And if it is asymmetrical, than choose a wacky (but elegant) asymmetrical necklace that complements the dress and you beautifully. I hope this advice helps you!
With love and good wishes,
Auntie Em