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Week of 12 November 13


As we move forward, rapidly, toward the end of semester one, it is important that we take stock in how far we have come, and how much we have left to accomplish. How much technology integration have you incorporated into your classroom? If the answer is "not as much as I would like" then I am here to help. Please send me an email and we can plan together for a way for you to incorporate technology in a meaningful way into your classroom in order to help "bring learning to life." I stand ready to help with ideas and tools and most importantly support. I hope to help many of you plan a tech-rich experience for your students for later this semester or early next semester. It is never too early to start planning! Let me know how I can help.


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Vogel 6th Grade Biographies Project

Recently the 6th grade students at Vogel Elementary School completed a unit on biographies which resulted in the creation of the Symbaloo above. Teacher Lorie Mansker challenged kids to use a tech tool to create a presentation on their chosen individual, and what you see are links to each students' presentation. Check them out! The students primarily used three tools, TheMadVideo, Google Presentations, and ThingLink.

If you would like more information on any of these tools, including Symbaloo, please let me know, I'd be happy to come teach them to you and/or your students!

Speak Up Update

Here is the latest data from the Speak Up Survey. Remember that the school with the highest percentage of students, staff, and community participating will receive a Technology Incentive Package. So get the word out!

DELAWARE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: 4 students, 0 teachers, 0 parents, 0 administrators

NORTH HIGH SCHOOL: 2 students, 0 teachers, 4 parents, 0 administrators

NORTH JR HIGH SCHOOL: 0 students, 0 teachers, 0 parents, 1 administrators

OAK HILL MIDDLE SCHOOL: 3 students, 0 teachers, 1 parents, 0 administrators

SCOTT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: 677 students, 7 teachers, 0 parents, 0 administrators

VOGEL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: 158 students, 0 teachers, 2 parents, 0 administrators

3 things you should know about digital literacies

Bill Gumula, M.Ed.

Bill is an eLearning Coach helping to facilitate meaningful integration of technology to enrich instruction, engage students & develop 21st century skills. He is also a PhD candidate for a Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology degree with an Emphasis in Integrating Technology, Learning, and Psychology.
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