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The Scoop: September 2, 2015

New & Noteworthy
  • Welcome Back!!!
  • Program Updates & Live Applications
  • Exchange Students Begin their Journey at USM
  • Exchange Your World & Tastebuds Session
Lets Go International
  • Students' Program Highlights
Meet a Peer Advisor
  • David Jordan
  • Katelyn Watkins
  • Amanda Calhoun
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•New & Noteworthy•


It has been an incredible summer and now we look forward to an amazing fall semester! Welcome to all of the returning students and the incoming freshmen. We hope you have a great school year! We just have one question for you to ponder; what study abroad program is in your future?

Program Updates & Live Applications

Already know that you want to attend a study abroad program this year? Well the first step is to apply. Please note that all program information is currently being updated and will be posted to the website soon! See below for the programs that are up-to-date and have live applications.

Live Applications

  • The Château Program, Semester in France
  • Semester in Spain
  • Christianity and Law in Rome
  • Dolphin Studies in Honduras
  • Austrian Studies: Music or German in Vienna
Steps to Apply

Click here to learn more about the application process to study abroad.

Exchange Students Begin their Journey at USM

These students have traveled from across the globe to experience American culture and study with us here at Southern Miss. We are excited to welcome them and wish them the best of luck this semester!

Did you know YOU TOO can exchange to another university?! You will earn Southern Miss credit while abroad, and only pay USM in-state tuition. In fact, there is still time to spend your 2016 spring semester at one of our exchange partner universities. Intrigued? Learn more by clicking the button below or come by the Exchange Your World & Tastebuds session (details below). The application deadline is September 25. Just think, in a few months you could be studying in the UK, France, The Netherlands or elsewhere! #ExchangeYourWorld

Exchange Your World & Tastebuds

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 12:15pm

International Center 410

Join us for the Exchange Your World & Tastebuds session and taste a variety of international foods while learning more about how you can participate in an exchange program.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

•Lets Go International•

Students' Program Highlights

Students share their favorite moments while on a Southern Miss Study Abroad Program.

Madison's Highlight

“ During my break, I took a bus with a hilarious and very informative tour guide through the Highlands of Scotland, past the picturesque and enormous Loch Ness to our first stop, the small fishing village of Dornie, whose claim to fame is a castle used in several movies—Eileen Donan Castle. Of course, contrary girl that I am, I strode off to explore the town instead of touring the castle with the rest of my group. I’m SO glad I did. I found tiny ducklings crossing a winding path around the lake, babbling brooks making their way through fairy gardens (I cannot make this stuff up), and a large used book section in the local general store. All the colorful houses had names, and the surrounding mountains took my breath away.”

Alumni of The Château Program, Semester in France - 2015

Paige's Highlight

"This summer I traveled to London with the British Studies Program. By far (ok maybe not that far since I loved it all), my favorite experience was finding the Fukushima Tranquility garden in Holland Park. After a day of walking around central London, searching for the Nottinghill houses, and riding bikes in Kensington Gardens with friends, finding this garden was the perfect ending to the busy day. There was a beautiful waterfall and pond full of coy fish, a rose garden, and even peacocks. I loved this little hidden gem, but I couldn't tell you how to get there if I tried."

Alumni of the British Studies Program - 2015

•Meet a Peer Advisor•

Peer Advisors are a group of students who serve as a resource to inspire interest in study abroad by sharing their personal insight and providing first-hand knowledge about the study abroad opportunities offered by Southern Miss.

David Jordan

PROGRAM: Spanish in Spain

MAJOR: International Business Major and Spanish Minor

ABOUT ME: My name is David Jordan, and I am from Waynesboro, MS. I love to travel, snow ski, and hike.


  • I had a fantastic study abroad experience. One of my favorite memories during my trip is a hike a few friends and I took in the mountains one night above Granada. It was amazing to see the massive Spanish city lit up, and to see the Alhambra from a different perspective.
  • I would definitely recommend a trip to Granada and Cordoba. These two cities are rich with Andalusian culture and history. In Cordoba, the great mosque is definitely worth a visit, and the Alhambra in Granada should be on your list of things to see. Also, catch a flamenco show while in Spain; it is definitely an interesting experience.
  • The number one thing I would want students to know about Spanish in Spain is that it is probably the best possible way to learn another language. The way you get immersed into the culture and day-to-day life of Spain is something incomparable. I know that I am leaps and bounds better at Spanish than I was when I first arrived in Spain, and I was only there for five weeks. So, besides the incredible way studying abroad broadens your horizons and what you can do, Spanish in Spain will also help you grow in your knowledge of another people and language. It is something that I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn another language.

Katelyn Watkins

PROGRAM: The Château Program, Semester in France

MAJOR: Undeclared

ABOUT ME: My name is Katelyn Watkins, and I am a sophomore here at USM. My major is currently undeclared, but I sure hope whatever I decide allows me to travel! I did show choir and color guard in high school, but I guess my inner old-person is starting to show because now I mainly love to read and cook with my grandma. Oh, and travelling the world’s nice too. ;)


  • My advice to students is to take every chance you can get! A lot of times we would be super tired from travelling and school work piling up, but don’t let that make you miss out on opportunities! For example, some of us chose to take a cooking class from a place literally in our backyard (which was a beautiful park). We actually got to go out and pick our own ingredients and make a super delicious meal. It was one of my favorite memories! Also, take advantage of the fact that Strasbourg is so close to Germany. We went hiking in the Black Forest, and it was stunning.
  • I wish I would have known not to pack so much. I came home with so much more than I brought, and it was tough to keep everything under the 50-pound weight limit for luggage. (Hint: a cheap luggage scale will be your best friend at the end of your program, so I suggest bringing one!) I also wish I would have known how contagious the “travel bug” is. I already can’t wait for my next adventure!
  • This sounds so cliché, but expect to leave a part of yourself in Strasbourg. While you’re there, you’re going to learn so much about the world and the diverse people in it. But you’re also going to grow so much, and learn so much about yourself. It’s such a beautiful, memorable place, and I already want to go back!

Amanda Calhoun

PROGRAM: British Studies Program

MAJOR: Public Relations

ABOUT ME: I am a senior public relations student from Jackson, MS, who enjoys writing, painting and gardening. I aspire to be a social media coordinator and event planner. I also enjoy serving the community and meeting new people.


  • I would recommend everyone go see a Broadway musical while in London. I would also recommend biking Hyde Park. I walked it and boy oh boy was I exhausted afterwards. I would also recommend everyone eat their weight in gelato. You'll wish you had. Everyone who does the BSP should spend at least one day at the Camden Market and visiting the Churchill Arms in Kensington Gardens.
  • I made so many friends. I met many people who were also students at USM, but we had never crossed paths. I also met a few people from Charleston, SC. I felt like I've known them forever. I can't explain the chemistry, but I know I've found friends for life.
  • BSP is a life changing experience. I know that sounds cliché, but I promise it's true. You're in another country for 5 weeks. Within those 5 weeks, you grow immensely. London is an extremely diverse city, there's a place for everyone!

•Stay Connected•


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Featured Photo

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Making Memories & Friends

From a student on the 2015 Château Program, Semester-in-France.

"Shout -out to my adventure going, rooftop climbing, sometimes French speaking, top notch roomie. Thanks for making the mess worth it." -@leanna_morrow


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