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We exist as the central information location for anything and everything Galway.

We represent the new online platform through which galway's voice is heard.. Galway.com will be peoples journey planner, events guide, information hub or even just a way for people to catch up on a bit of galway weekend news.

For businesses it allows them to tap into an area of the market that is coming into its own in a very big way, social media. As seen all over the world this is fast becoming the fastest and most cost effective way to reach customers in an ever booming online market.

People with i-phones, i-pads, androids etc will go online almost once every 2 hours. This is far more regular then picking up a news paper or switching on a television. This is where companys have they're greatest chance at communicating with potential customers.

Whats in it For You??? Simple!!

John Doyle

My name is John Doyle and I'm working as part of the Galway.com team to ensure Galway gets the online presence it so desperately needs. People use the web to plan their trips, why not give them 1 website to see everything that Galway will provide for them while giving you the platform to reach them with your deals events and offers.