Isabel Eating Donuts

to many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have tried to help Isabel with her eating but it is very hard. When we first started, Isabel was done with donuts and wanted to eat healthy. This past 2 weeks, Isabel bought 2 donuts when I was not with her, and tried to hide them from me. I caught Isabel with the 2 donuts and tried to get them away from her but, she ended up eating all of both donuts. I don't know if Isabel snuck any other donuts from me. I suggest you ban Isabel from donuts. It is not good to eat junk food and, if someone eats to much junk food they can become really fat. Isabel must stop her junk food before its to late.
How To Train Your Brain To Eat Healthier!

The causes

Eating junk food can cause health problems such as a shorter life, heart attacks, and other body issues. Eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables can prevent body problems and increase your life span. Physical activity can also help your body but, that doesn't mean you can eat junk and work out.

How to start to stop

1. Ban Isabel from all doughnuts and other junky food at school and home

2. Clean out the kitchen. Get rid of all the junk and replace with healthy options. Make

sure not to 100% get rid of all the junk. Click link down below to see why.