Monsters vs Heroes

Madison Gipe

Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

I chose to draw a picture because I thought it would be laid back, fun, and different than writing another paper. I chose a diary entry as another one of my projects because it seemed fairly easy, and I thought it would be a good choice for my project on "The Pardoner's Tale." I thought choosing our projects was more enjoyable than having to write a paper on each piece. I learned how to write a ballad and rhyme. I think I did well on my diary entry because I showed how the youngest rioter felt and what he was thinking as though he was the one writing the entry. I found the ballad tough at first, but as I worked through the ballad it was not too hard. I found the drawing to be harder than expected because it needed to be more detailed than I thought, and I am not a good drawer. In the future I will pick a project type that is more fit to me rather than a drawing. I think the diary entry was well suited for me; however, the drawing or story book was not based on my strengths.


Maddy Gipe

Story book

For my topic I picked monsters and criminals, and I chose to make a storybook to depict my theme. My theme is that if someone is isolated or treated differently, they can become a monster or criminal over a period of time. I drew a picture of Grendel at his den away from everyone else, and Beowulf and his men are in a boat together. In my drawing I am showing that Beowulf and his men are friends and loyal to each other, while Grendel is isolated and alone. Therefore, Grendel becomes irritable and monstrous.
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My topic for my ballad was leaders and heroes. My theme is that great leaders and heroes are made from brave and strong people when someone has faith in them. Beowulf was a great leader before Hrothgar called upon his help to save his people from Grendel, but when Hrothgar told Beowulf he was the only warrior who could defeat Grendel, Beowulf gained confidence and knew what he had to do. Thus, Beowulf became a hero.

Beowulf’s Party

Here’s a little bit of old school for ya

That goes a little something like this

Beowulf always tried to be the fliest kid on the block

The popular one with the rising stock

So that’s when he had this bright idea

Slay the monster called Grendel

The monster causing fear

All the Danes and the King couldn’t deny the help

Now all he had to do was win without a yelp

Beowulf decided to rip off Grendel’s arm

Grendel didn’t know Beowulf could do so much harm

Grendel’s mother wanted to avenge his death

Beowulf went to her den to end the battle

He fought and fought with all of his breath

As the monster’s of the sea watched like cattle

Grendel’s mother that day was slain

By Beowulf, the ruler of the Danes

After the battle Beowulf still stands

The greatest warrior in all the lands

My topic for my diary entry was monsters/criminals. My theme was that even people that are least expected to be evil or cruel could be. The youngest rioter made a plan to kill the others the same way they made a plan to kill him. They were all equally greedy, which turned them into killers.

Dear Diary,

I am on my way to town to collect bread and wine to enjoy with my two new friends while we wait for night to fall. We are waiting for the night because we have discovered a stash of gold and we are going to gather it and split it among ourselves. If we do this task in the darkness of the night, there will be no people around to witness us stealing this gold.

However, as I make this trip into town I can not help but think about how nice life would be if I had all the money to myself. I am sure the others have thought the same. What if they have thought the same, and they are planning on killing me off to take my portion of the money? I must kill them before they have the chance to get rid of me. If I can pull this off I will be rich. While I am in town I will buy some poison and place the poison into their bottles of wine, that way when they drink the wine they will die, and I can have all the money to myself.

This plan will be perfect, I will report back when I am rich.


Young Rioter