Upcoming Arts Opportunities for Limestone Students


Primary Drama Resource: “Let’s Explore Your Community!” – a virtual in-role drama experience for students in grades 1-3!

Welcome to the Shaw Festival Stage Door Program, generously sponsored by Scotiabank. Initiated in 2016, the Stage Door Program is designed to provide Elementary students in the Niagara Region with access to the performing arts. Due to Covid-19, and the closure of our live theatre venues, we have reimagined how to deliver this programming, and the result is the “Let’s Explore Your Community!” program – a virtual in-role drama experience for students in grades 1-3! We sincerely hope that you and your students enjoy this program, which incorporates elements of the arts, language, and social studies in a fun, cross-curricular experience!
Stage Door Program - Primary


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Four Free Extensive Art Lessons by Nancy Douglas!

Nancy Douglas created these four extensive lesson plans, the "Faces of Canada" in 2017! She is sharing them with us!

These plans were designed especially for teachers who may not be comfortable teaching gesture drawing (for example) or portraiture. So there are step-by-step slides and PowerPoints as well as games and activities.

The Kingston Prize is hoping teachers across the Limestone Board will be able to use them as a free resource. The link to the page is:


Note: The Faces of Canada Educational Program provides youth and seniors in the Kingston community the unique opportunity to participate in a national event, the Kingston Prize Association Portrait competition, showcasing thirty diverse portraits of Canadians.

Lessons have been developed by Nancy Douglas, artist and educator

AGO: Virtual School Programs

We know this school year has not been easy while we move back to online classes. Although the Art Gallery of Ontario is currently closed, we want to make sure you and your teachers have all the most recent links to our Virtual School Programs, and all the resources we have made available for you, to help with the rest of the school year online.

Live Virtual Classes - Five days per week & free of charge

The AGO’s Virtual School Programs are live interactive virtual classes connecting via Zoom, with new guided art conversations happening every school day, in real time.

Learning Resources for Teachers

The AGO’s resources and activities are here to help teachers build visual literacy, while developing skills in observation, interpretation, critical thinking and creativity…remotely!

Teachers Enter the Gallery for Free!

Join our Teachers' Access Program (TAP).

Although the Gallery is currently closed, teachers do have access to exclusive programs and information.


Links to Explore Canadian Artists, Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity!

Art Lessons:

Here is a collection of artworks to explore both through observation and creation. Each lesson includes:

- an image of an artwork and corresponding discussion questions

- the inspiration behind the art piece

- the artist's bio

- key art terms

- a corresponding art activity

- a link to explore the artist's works further


Artist Highlights:

This document provides discussion questions to evoke conversations about critical and creative thinking concepts. A brief artist bio is included along with an image and corresponding discussion questions:


*These resources were created by :

Kathleen Vivian

Queen’s University, BFA (Hons.)/B.Ed.


"Recognize, Reflect and Refocus" Addressing Anti-Black Racism in The Dance and Drama Classroom

CODE Conversations - Episode 3 - Panel Discussion "Recognize, Reflect and Refocus"

Audio Plays- Shakespeare Out Loud

These recordings are to help students understand and appreciate these abridged plays of Shakespeare, and to encourage them to produce their own out loud readings and recordings.


"Birds of a Feather" - Free Streaming



By email: education@roseneath.ca

​While on vacation with her grandma in Hawaii, junior birdwatcher Sarah befriends Violet who introduces her to the world of the Laysan albatross, a native species of bird that has a different kind of family from many others. The girls create a story about Makani and Kainoa, two albatross who are working together to hatch an egg. Through their exploration they learn about compromise, believing in yourself, and that family in all its varieties is made up of the people who love you. The birds rejoice when their egg finally hatches and the play concludes with Sarah feeling secure in the knowledge that her family is the perfect one for her.

Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Drama Social Studies

"La Maleta" - Free Streaming

"La Maleta (The Suitcase)" By Beatriz Pizano streams FOR FREE with Roseneath On Demand and #ShowLoveTO. The story of Roca, a ten-year-old refugee who escapes her native Colombia clutching her suitcase; inside which she believes her grandma is hiding.

Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/E5HnEjcWBts

Register to watch: https://www.roseneath.ca/watch-now

Image courtesy of Endless Films

Actors: Oscar Moreno and Jessica Zepeda

Director: Andrew Lamb

#RoseneathTheatre #Roseneath


Earlier this month, we filmed a dozen new Videos On Demand and several more promos for our artists. We can't wait to share them with our schools and communities across the country!

Did you know that MASC offers 600 programs for schools and communities, and that 200 of these programs are offered virtually?

To learn more about Videos on Demand, visit our website!

(French and English)


Here is a collection of art proposals and websites from local artists, seeking opportunities to engage in meaningful arts opportunities with LDSB students. This list was created through the Kingston Arts Council.

This is a reference guide only.

Schools/Educators interested in these opportunities are encouraged to contact the artist, to learn more details, and collaborate on future plans.



Thousand Islands Playhouse Virtual Performance

This year the Thousand Islands Playhouse Young Company is going digital! A live-streamed performance of How to Code a Sandcastle will be offered from October 18-29, with two performance options per day. Each show will be aired through the streaming service Vimeo and will include a talkback with the actors in which you (and your students) can submit questions via chat that will be answered in real-time after the show!


$30.00 per classroom screening

Recommended for grades K-4



Email education@1000islandsplayhouse.com


It’s the last day of summer and Pearl has a genius plan. Pearl spent her vacation learning how to code and today she’s going to code her brand new robot Pascal to build the most awesome sandcastle ever. Robot + coding = mega sandcastle glory! If only it was that easy… Pearl’s canine sidekick Ada is pretty woofed that Pascal is soaking up Pearl’s attention, Pascal has never seen sand before let alone built a sandcastle, and all the things Pearl learned in coding class are a little trickier than she remembered. But Pearl is persistent and learns to break her sandcastle-y problems into smaller steps using sequences, loops, and ‘if then else’ conditionals to code Pascal and build the sandcastle of her dreams, and inspire her dog and robot to become besties along the way!

From the computer science non-profit Girls Who Code, Josh Funk’s bestselling children’s book How to Code a Sandcastle uses humour to introduce kids to the world of computer coding. Celebrated playwright Paula Wing (The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate, YoCo 2018) has adapted the book into a production full of laughs, music, and positive messaging about girls excelling in computer science. Ideal for students K – Grade 4.

2021 Kingston Symphony Virtual Visits

The Kingston Symphony is offering a live Virtual Visit program, where a member of the Kingston Symphony will visit your classroom to talk about their instrument and their musical experiences.

Sign-up for Concert and/or Virtual Musician Visit: If you would like to request a link to the concert and/or a musician virtual visit, please complete this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfqM3pF9vTNEq0vftugc5kmP_IN-TfBM81KUDQikjDBR2GjTg/viewform

From the Agnes School Porgram: Nocturne

Our 2021 school program has moved online, available for both synchronous and asynchronous learning. We invite grade 1–6 students to explore the exhibition Nocturne. The program embraces the sensory exploration of the night while considering the landscape genre in Historical Canadian Art. Artists’ enduring fascination with the hours between sunset and sunrise provide the foundation for curriculum links in poetry, painting and perspective.

This 45-minute program includes a guided online tour, interactive session and "studio activity" introduction, led by Agnes Student Docents. Following this, a further 30–45 minutes is suggested for teachers to complete the activity with their class. The activity requires basic art materials such as white art paper, pencil crayons, markers and any other similar materials for illustration.

Dates: Tuesdays–Fridays, 26 January–12 March (excluding 16–19 February) at 10 am and 1 pm (excluding Friday afternoons)

Fee: $45/class (up to 30 students)

The registration form can be found on the following page: https://agnes.queensu.ca/participate/school-programs-for-grades-1-8-2/

Technology: Please note, for synchronous in-class delivery, it is important for the classroom to have a stable connection to the internet, a projector and speakers (and ideally a webcam and microphone). If students are joining remotely from home, please ensure they have a stable internet connection and device with video-conferencing ability.

The National Arts Centre

The National Arts Centre offers a wide range of high-quality, bilingual online programs in Dance, Music, Theatre and Indigenous arts. Workshops bring outstanding teaching artists from across the country into your classroom virtually to lead live interactive events that meet provincial curriculum guidelines. Workshops are typically 60 minutes in length and take place on a platform of the school's choice with learners who are in class or at home. To reserve, visit the NAC’s School and Home Learning page. The NAC may be able to help cover artist fees, as our funds permit, for schools requiring financial assistance due to the pandemic. To submit a request, please follow the instructions on the workshop registration form.


Thousand Island Playhouse: Youth Educational Programming

The Thousand Islands Playhouse offers a variety of youth education programming virtually led by professional theatre artists. From online high school drama workshops in areas like monologue training and set and costume design to March Break Creativity Camp for 8-10-year-olds, their programming will engage your students and offer practical applications. Learn more about their offerings at 1000islandsplayhouse.com.

Immersive Historic Virtual Mystery Workshops

Aligning with the school curriculum, the workshops can be used for ages 5-18, and are customized accordingly.

Our workshops meant to engage students on an individual basis with hands on activities. Our exclusive workshops can accommodate up to 60 students per time slot (combining up to 3 grades), and we can perform up to 4 time slots a day for one flat rate.

The two topics available are "Mystery Building" or "Site Specific theatre". These workshops can be done on Googlemeet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and accommodate both virtual learning and students that are currently attending in person education.


If you are thinking of an Arts project or inviting an artist into your classroom, consider applying for Arts Council funding!

We encourage schools/artists to be "actively" engaged in arts-based process/product learning, with a focus on building connections to each other and our community.

Funding is available for artistic endeavors that focus on anti-racism and anti-oppression education, as well as closing equity gaps among our population.

We can help with arts activities encouraging students to learn more about diversity, accessibility and representation in our schools!


Please feel free to contact Rae McDonald (613)544-6925 (x336), mcdonaldr@limestone.on.ca, to share your art ideas, suggestions and inquiries!


New LDSB Developed Minds Online Resouce: K-8 Curriculum Support for the Arts/Hist/Geo/SS

This course is designed to support capacity building, with our K-8 staff and schools, in creating inclusive instruction through the Arts, Social Studies, History and Geography. Lesson plans, professional development tools, community connections and classroom learning opportunities will be available in this course. We aim to provide staff and schools with a bank of resources to support equitable outcomes for our Limestone learners.

Self-register today.

If you have further inquiries...

Please contact Rae McDonald

Equity Curriculum Consultant K-8