A Year in the Coyote Library

WMS Library 14-15 EOY Report

Welcome to the Library!

Each day begins with students visiting the WMS library for a variety of literacy needs. After logging in to the time clock, students read, do homework, study, work on projects, and use the computers for research. During the 14-15 year, the WMS library served 959 students and 103 faculty/staff members. There were 10,550 independent student visits in the library this year, and an average of 17 classes per week came for library instruction (154 lessons) and book checkout. Lessons included library orientation, Noodletools, Catalog Searching, Overdrive, Research Questioning, Databases, Website Evaluation, and book talks. Library program highlights included:

  • Supporting students and teachers in the learning and practice of evaluating and using information, copyright, and the research process
  • Supporting students in information literacy
  • Supporting students and teachers in digital citizenship and LISD's acceptable use policy
  • Promoting and providing reading and information resources in various formats to the entire school community
  • Promoting ethical use of information and academic honesty to students and teachers
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Read All About It!

Coyotes came to the library before, during and after school to checkout books for reading and research. The WMS Library collection contains 17,346 items. This year, 338 library materials were weeded and discarded due to age or damage. A total of 353 items were added to the collection, and 19 items were lost. What an amazing library collection!
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Information Literacy

The WMS library annually purchases a variety of library databases to support the curriculum and research needs of students and teachers. Libguides is purchased to curate library materials, classroom lesson content, and information for students. We also subscribe to Noodletools, an online research and citation tool. In addition to print and audio books, the library purchases Ebooks for students to access beyond the traditional school day, and to use during holidays and summer break. Our students really benefit from these amazing literacy tools!
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Budget Overview

In the 14-15 school year, WMS library operated with a budget of $12,164 which was a decrease of $272 from last year. Budget dollars were focused on purchasing books, magazines, databases, software renewals, supplies, dues/membership, professional development, and hosting a guest author. Budget money goes a long way to support the students and staff of Wiley MS!
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Library Events

Literacy Programming & Incentives

  • Rick Riordan webcast - Sept 2014
  • Book Club - Fall 2014 (Fridays), all grades
  • Scholastic Book Fair - December 2014
  • Lonestar Books Trivia Contest - December 2014
  • Winter Break Reading Contest - December 2014
  • Author Visit: Diana Lopez - January 2015
  • SR4A (Barnes & Noble) Book Fair - March 2015
  • Summer Reading 4 All book collection - April 2015
  • Summer Book Checkout - June 2015

Librarian-led Support

  • Staff Development - August 2014 (Digital Citizenship, Acceptable Use Policy)
  • EDUCATE Ignite - October 2014
  • 5th Grade Parent Night - March 2015
  • Literacy Night - May 2015 (Overdrive)

Professional Development

  • TLA Conference - learning focused on Teen Literature, Emerging Technologies, Makerspaces, Retrofitting Libraries
  • CIC - sessions included Mindset, Primary Source Documentation, Donalyn Miller, Mindfulness & Self Compassion
  • Donalyn Miller - Book Whisperer, Reading Choice for students
  • Campus Advisory Committee - WMS campus representative (met at Naumann Library)
  • Twitter activity - @wiley_library - tweeted about collaboration, research, library programming, and reflecting on library pratice
  • Professional Reading - Books: "Thanks for the Feedback"; Professional Journals: "Teacher Librarian" and "Tech Edge"

Reflection and Goals for Next Year

This was a busy school year! Students and teachers utilized the library for reading, research, library lessons, and technology support. New this year, the 8th grade science teachers brought their classes in for lessons on databases and Noodletools usage to help with science abstracts. Quest students utilized the library for research while completing their independent study projects . 6th - 8th grade Language Arts APS classes came in each week for library lessons and book checkout. With regard to Ebook circulation, WMS saw a 450% increase from last year in the number of electronic books checked out via Overdrive. Library goals for next year include:

  • Increase student awareness and usage of databases, Noodletools, Libguides and Ebooks
  • Continue to support the curricular needs of teachers and students
  • Develop a library collection that meets the academic and personal needs of library patrons
  • Create engaging library lessons and activities that promote the library as a Learning Commons area
  • Initiate ongoing Makerspaces activities to support curriculum and creativity
  • Continue providing creative programs to motivate students to read
  • Provide instruction and support for online safety and digital citizenship
  • Represent WMS on the district Campus Advisory Committee
  • Expand library web presence via Twitter to promote library activities and instruction
  • Collaborate with campus technologist on student Techsperts initiative and rollout of student devices
  • Host author visit
  • Participate in first ever "Battle of the Lonestar Books"
  • Increase number of participants in Summer Book Checkout program

Michele Alexander, Librarian

Our mission is to lead our school communities by fostering literacy in an environment that challenges students to IMAGINE possibilities, EXPLORE opportunities and CONNECT with the future and the world.