Jaguar Jargon

2016-2017, 21st Edition


It's Super Bowl Sunday in America, and millions of people are enjoying their appetizers, beverages, and Lady Gaga.

The Falcons are no doubt enjoying their lead, while Tom Brady and the Patriots are strategizing how to still make it into the history books.

The 3rd Quarter is on the way, but one thing is certain: There is still plenty of time left in the game. Neither team has sealed the victory, so both must continue to play their best game.

How are you feeling going into your 3rd Quarter? Are you feeling that your class is in the lead, or do you need some new strategies?

The good news is this: No matter where your "team" stands, you still have plenty of time left in the game to seal a victory. And if you need some help, you have some great teammates nearby, ready to help you on your way.

Instructional Focus: Connect

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Coming Up


Motivational Monday, February 6th

  • RECESS: Sims, Scarbrough, Pompeo

Teamwork Tuesday, February 7th

  • RECESS: Spangler, Shafer, Reed
  • X Marks the Spot
  • Rhoades out after 12 Noon

Wellness Wednesday, February 8th

  • RECESS: Tilstra, Simmons, Christensen
  • Lunch 'n Learn with Lisa Webb
  • BPC Elementary PTO, 6 p.m.

Thinking Thursday, February 9th

  • RECESS: McCombs, Waller, Dreyer
  • Building Leadership Meeting, 3:20 p.m.

High Five Friday, February 10th

  • RECESS: Osborn, Jackson, Hayden

Remind 101

  • Please be sure to be in the gym/on the playgrounds promptly at 7:45 if it is your day on duty.
  • Valentine Parties are just around the corner; class lists are very helpful when getting these done!

*Crossing fingers for more warm days...

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