The turtle and the giraffe

A story about a turtle who turns into a giraffe

One time a turtle was walking down a path and saw a giraffe. The turtle was thinking, wow I wish I could have a long neck and not this useless shell. The turtle asked the giraffe,"How does it feel to have a long neck and be very tall." The giraffe said, "It's awesome, I love being the tallest." The turtle started to become very jealous.

The next day when the turtle was walking down the same path he saw the giraffe, the turtle then wished," I wish I could be a giraffe," suddenly the turtle turns into a giraffe. The turtle is so happy so he keeps walking down the path and says to the other giraffe," Hey there brother," the giraffe answers "Hey there", suddenly the giraffe gets hit by a rock thrown by some kids who were throwing rock at animals that they see, the giraffe gets very hurt. The giraffe (was the turtle) says " I wish I could be a turtle again please," and suddenly the giraffe turns back into a turtle. Then one of the kids throw a rock at the turtle but it is blocked by the turtle's shell and he couldn't feel anything. The turtle is very happy that that he is a turtle and has a shell. The moral of this story is to be thankful for what you have.