Memorial For Disabled Athletes

By: Avery Morrison


I would like to put on a memorial for Disabled Athletes. To share an amazing story of a young disabled wrestler who only won one match his whole career in hope to spark something in them to do the same and be like Willie.
E:60 Will Power (narrated by Dan Gable)


This memorial will mostly be about Willie and his life/experiences but also i want it to be for all disabled athletes. I want it to be a place where they don't feel like they are different, like you would rather be with your age group then be with bunch of 27 year olds. I want them to feel like they fit in, and to do that I will share Willie's story and life experiences.


I would like to have it at the wrestling gym that Willie won is one and only match at, because that is a life changing place for Willie and maybe it will be for many other athletes too.


A stone statue of Willie with his hand being raised. When your hand is raised it means you won, and for Willie that was huge, life changing and it was that moment he knew his hardwork paid off and if it is there for other people to see it will hopefully remind/inspire to be like him.
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My Goal is to inspire disabled athletes to be like Willie and never give up, to keep going and it will pay off. Your hardwork will pay off.