Ancient Egypt

farming,resources,and the border


the Egyptians fished from the Nile because it was the most important river in the area.

they used it for getting water for farms and animals, as well as for the fishing


lots of rocks and minerals were mined from Egypt, including copper , flax , limestone , and turquoise. water was scarce when you weren't near the Nile.


the education system

parents would instill into them various educational principles, moral attitudes and views of life.
Thus from a tender age they would receive their basic education in the bosom of the family. For girls, this was usually all the schooling they would get, but for boys it would be supplemented by proper training in whatever line they chose, or was chosen for them.

Education, of course, covers both the general upbringing of a child and its training for a particular vocation. The upbringing of boys was left largely in the hands of their fathers, that of girls was entrusted to their mothers.


The first type of enemy was held valuable resources that the Egyptians sought. Except for the Nubians, they were usually not a threat to Egypt as invaders. These enemies included the empires such as Mitanni, Hatti. Other enemies mostly possessed little that Egypt wished to have, but were a direct threat to Egypt as an invading force. These enemies included the Libyans and the Sea People