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Benchmarks are over!!! Thank you for getting your reports turned in to Wendy. I hope you were able to use some of the info you heard from DMAC. I know I learned several things when I went to meet with her.

Another piece of info...Remember the survey you completed right before Christmas break for Kevin about technology? Mrs. Tissy also had our 3rd-5th graders complete a similar one. Region 7 took that information and a company called Bright Bytes compiled it. I went to a meeting on Thursday that showed me the results and I learned several things about our campus. I want to share this info with you soon.

At our last faculty meeting we decided to go with the coke theme for our school board appreciation gifts. I am making a card to go with each basket that will say Our School Board....The Real Thing. Underneath a picture of a coke I will have the words reliable, encouraging, amazing leaders. If you want to incorporate that into the students cards and notes, please do. I have contacted the school board members and have some of their favorites. Here is what I have received

Charlie Magnum

soft drink -Diet Coke

candy - Anything sugar free
junkfood - Peanuts / mixed nuts
an interest: Golf / hunting

Amy Underwood

soft drink -unsweet tea or water
candy - sugar free gum, nerds, chocolate, sour straws
junkfood -
an interest: gardening, cookings, softball and Aggie football

Randy Pilkington

soft drink -water
candy - Anything
junkfood -
an interest: baseball

Rickey Newman

soft drink - sprite zero

candy - butterfingers
junkfood -pizza

an interest: bass fishing

Ada Jackson

soft drink - coca cola

candy - 3 muskateers
junkfood - mixed nuts

an interest: softball baseball football and garage sales

Billy Ridgeway

soft drink - water

candy - almond joy
junk food - peanuts

an interest: farming

Paul Wilson

soft drink -coca cola

candy - peanut m & m, snickers
junkfood - peanuts

an interest: playing with grandkids, fishing, riding 4-wheelers


I had a student who received a cat print this week tell me it was his first one to ever receive. Thank you Mrs. Merrill for making him beam when he came to the cafeteria to get it.

Mrs. Ebarb, thank you for always waving the cars during afternoon pick up.

Mrs. Tissy and Mrs. Coyne, thank you for helping our STAAR A kids get ready for the online test.

While doing a walk through last week I heard Mrs. Meshell say love ya now get to work. Thank you for having a classroom where the kids know they are loved and are expected to perform.

Dates to Remember

January 23 - Progress Reports Go Home

Week of January 26 - Early Literacy Testing in Computer Lab for K-1

January 30 - AR Parade