Attention All Living Beings!!!!

Global Warming Is Becoming a Huge Problem In The Amazon

What Is Global Warming?

Global warming is the gradual increase of surface temperature of Earth. Causes of global warming include the increase of CFC's and CO2 in the atmosphere. Due to global warming the ozone layer has been depleting causes more harmful radiation from the sun coming into our atmosphere. Increased radiation can cause minor things such as sun burns or more serious effects such as cataracts or even skin cancer. Also, because of the increased heat glaciers are melting, resulting in higher sea levels. Many animals are losing their habitats and dying because of actions they have no control over.

What Can You Do?

There are many things you can do to help decrease the severity of this problem. First off, you can decrease your impact on the environment. You can do a carpool when going to school, take a public form of transportation, or even try to recycle or reuse what you can. Also, you can take action by informing others of the dangers of global warming. By teaching them ways to prevent it, you are not only helping by decreasing your impact, but you can also be potentially preventing other people's actions of having a heavy impact on the environment.