Bunny Farm

Grace, Meagan, Sarah, Hannah, Alison

About Us

We started this business just to get money but now its not about that anymore, now its just about seeing the beautiful life of little bunnies and seeing them grow up and going to a good home.

About Our Bunnies

Bunnies coming up...

Hazel and Bam Bam litter- 3 for sell soon (1 pink and 2 black). genders unknown right now.

Bunnies for Sell

No bunnies available right now...

How much the bunnies are

1 Rabbit- $15

2 Rabbits- $25

If you want more then two just call and ask

Contact Us...

Grace Johnson- 14 years old- (252) 917-0437

If you want more information just call or text us at any time if we miss your call just text us or call again at a later time, Thank You.