Comanches Shaping Texas History

By: Ryan King, 7th period, 9/23/2014

Facts about Comanche Indians

Comanche is well known. There are two main groups, the most accepted being a Spanish group of a name called the Ute (Kohmahts), meaning "those who are against us." The second account is that it was a of the Spanish word amino ancho, meaning "wide trail."

The Comanche tribe was large, they never formed a single tribe, but they were divided into eight to twelve different groups. Sharing the same language and culture, they sometimes fought between each other and at other times were at peace, cooperating with the other groups.

Other Facts

1. The Comanches were nomads, made pottery, moved to reservation in early 1900's

2. Lived in tee pees.

3. Wore buffalo and dear hides, also wore feathers and face paint.

4. Had one chief that led the tribe many of the others were literate and educated.

5. Ate buffalo and horses.

6. The Comanche was the single most important tribe in Texas


The Comanches were different from everyone else because they were the most educated which made them the most dangerous. They followed the buffalo and lived in Tee pees. Had one chief to lead the village. As if the other tribes they lived in grass huts, or wood framed homes. other tribes also had a council or a bunch of chiefs to lead. Some of the other tribes ate some of the same food and some did not.