Sun Stillness

Wednesday Wellness

In this Wednesday Wellness:

  1. Sun Stillness
  2. The Upper Break
  3. 5 Foods That Help You Focus
  4. 125 Healthiest Supermarket Foods
  5. Nutrition Workshop

Special Shout Out: Congrats to the JH Basketball Team for Taking the Trophy!

Sun Stillness

Sunday morning the sun was calling. I indeed answered...

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to have coffee in the morning while sitting outside on the back patio. Luckily, there are only trees, the sky and deer in sight. I typically do not raise my umbrella for at least the first 20-30 minutes, allowing the sun to hit my face. It's a happy place... (A chair against the door so the kids can't come out is a good thing too:).

"Sun stillness" does several things. It helps us relax, oozes out our stress, brings some emotional clarity, allows Vitamin D in (sunlight also kills bad bacteria- increases white blood cells- ups our immune system) and counteracts our adult ADD. (For most, there are so many demands on our attention that of course it's prone to deficiency). That's why the practice of stillness is a good one. Add it in your schedule as if it were a workout or an important business meeting, at least once a week.

Think of stillness to mean more than simply having your body be still, as in a physical position. Visualize it being about stilling your emotions, bringing your thoughts to a center, stilling confusion and evaporating mental clutter. It's about a heart and soul position more than a physical one.

Couple that with the sun and you have double the benefits, inside and out. Allow the sun to help melt the stress and recreate healthy cells. For more, click on the title below:

The Upper Break

We understand you work hard & steady, and breaks are certainly needed. The breaks can work against us if we do not use them properly. For example, if we slam down a typical "energy drink", soda, sugar infused latte, sugar coated treat, etc., an hour later at your desk you may want to place a pillow around your screen as your head may tend to slam against it. The reason is after our insulin is spiked from the false or too much sweetener, a downer happens. Eat & drink for sustainable energy rather than instant taste bud gratification. Your nervous system, brain and blood sugar levels will thank you.

The best breaks are those that include walking, stretching, taking a lap around the building breathing fresh air (try a walking meeting), feeling the sun, checking your blood pressure in the Coliseum, walk a set or two of stairs, eating a piece of fruit (oranges are liquid sunshine); causing an upper break not a downer break. Steve Harper told me he takes the stairs everyday, and he is on the 5th floor. He states, "It burns calories, keeps me mobile and saves on the electric bill!".

Have energy instilled in your system on your break versus seeing it dissipate! For further assistance, look for the 10 minute office stretches every Tuesday & Thursday @ 2:30.

We All Want Clarity in our Diet, but What About A Diet That Brings Clarity?

Get Properly Prepped for Thanksgiving:

Nutrition Workshop: Holiday Health

Wednesday, Nov. 19th from 12-12:45, conference room 1C, will be our workshop on holiday health. Make plans to attend! You will learn about seasonal produce, healthy holiday recipes and action plans for family activity.

Presented by: Severin Garrett

Congrats to our Jackson Basketball Team for Taking Home the Trophy!

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