White House Position

Become the second most powerful man on the world!


- Natural born US citizen

- Citizen for at least 14 years of the US

- Minimum age of 35 years old

- No more than 2 terms allowed


- Get invited to many clubs and conferences

- Get to live in the White House which costs $4M per year to operate with a 24/7 kitchen staff.

- Great transportation such as the Air Force One

- "Camp David"

- 10 years of security offered after the president has resigned

- The salary for a president is around $400k per year leaving you with the opportunity to become a multi millionaire

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Powers/Jobs of the President

- Sign or reject bills

- Commands the Army and Navy forces

- Can grant Reprieves or Pardons

- Make treaties with foreign nations

- Nominate senators, ambassadors and other office positions

- Can fill vacancies

- Can convene both houses of senate on extraordinary occasions

- Receives ambassadors and other public ministers

- Takes care that all laws are faithfully executed

- Commissions all Officers of the US

My belief is that the powers of making treaties with other nations and signing or rejecting bills is important. Treaties is a very important part in having peace and if the leaders of nations come together to do so than we can dodge a bullet into war. Signing and rejecting bills is also important as if the courts rule out a bill that the public does not like, the president can veto it and vice versa, accept it if it is favored.

Leadership Qualities

1) Know what you're doing. The most important quality that should be put into perspective is the actual knowledge of the person in power such as them knowing what would benefit our country strategically in war or financially in business.

2) Appearance. We shouldn't have a messy person or too old of a character since we are a younger nation we should keep our stereotype as having new generation nominees such as people around the age of 40 - 50 with the exception of Trump.

3) Good decisions. His actions and decisions towards the country should be in favor with the people in most cases.

4) Friendly. We shouldn't have a tempered president who would be getting us into conflict with other nations or stirring up problems in congress.

5) Family man. The president should be a person who has experience with a family to get an idea of how the majority of the country lives and how to improve certain situations in certain areas.

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Key Issue

If I were elected president, the most important thing that I would focus on right away is the corruption that may be occurring. Some people believe and suspect that the US is actually aiding ISIS, sad to say, and that US Army Generals had come forth and had told the truth telling the public that they were ordered to stand down against ISIS AND aid them in certain conflicts. I would crack down on the pentagon and try to find anyone, if there is such a person/people, and bring them to justice in prison and basically end ISIS once and for all. There are many articles with full detail with the most notable ones being from infowars.com which is basically an organization who are set to reveal corruption, if there is any, in the US government. To do this, I would use the powers of appointing legitamate people to office, if needed. I would also use the treaty power to talk and ally with people against ISIS and what they do to end their reign quicker. Finally, I would convene both houses to talk about and bring forth anyone that is not faithful.


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Presidential Roles

1) Party Leader. He gets members or helps them to get into office and candidates for the next president.

2) Commander in Chief. The president is the commander of all forces and acts this as a civilian as stated in the worksheet.

3) Chief Executive. Gets a say in laws and to carry some out but some may not always be accepted by the congress.

4) Chief of State. The role here is the president having to represent the country in public events through attending them. An example would also include visiting places after certain disasters such as Bush who attended hurricane Katrina victims.

5) Chief Diplomat. The role here is a big one as it gives our president the ability to meet and discuss treaties as well as other important meetings with other foreign leaders. This is how we make alliances and business deals.

6) Chief Legislator. The president can pass or attempt to pass any law(s) that he sees needed. An example would be Obama passing the healthcare of Obama care through congress.