James Dean

He was a famous film actor, and professinal race car driver.

James Dean Crash Recreated with Broderick Crawford Intro.
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James Dean Facts

  • Dean not only was a film actor but a professional race car driver too.
  • He had a quote it was, " Dream as you'll live forever, and live as if you'll die today". He also had other quotes. He did as they said.
  • He was originally into law but, then he changed his mind and decided theater.
  • He starred in a lot of movies, "Rebel without cause", "East of Eden", and more.
  • James Dean died on Friday, September 30th, 1955. A couple of hours early a police officer give him a speeding ticket. Then a couple hours later he had a head-on collusion with a 23 year old. He died at the age 24, and his car was totaled.