Freak The Mighty


Freak the Mighty

This title relates to my theme because Freak (Kevin) and Max (Maxwell) didn't know each other until 8th grade... They instantly became best friends considering they lived right next to each other. They worked together as one, Max being the legs and Freak being the brain/head. Max and Freak's moms were friends when they were pregnant with each other. Max and Freak didn't become friends though until 8th grade. Then they were inseparable. That means it's reunion because it seems like Max has been waiting for a good friend for a long time.

Man vs. Man (Conflict & Outcome)

This relates to the theme because Freak the Mighty is like one man, and all the adventures they go on with each other is like the other man. Sometimes it might knock them down but they get right back up. One example is when they have to fight Tony D in the park and they work together and finally the cops come. Another example is when they had to fight Killer Kane. Max was stuck in the basement but luckily Freak came to his rescue. His dad (Killer Kane) ended up being arrested for good.

Character's Remarks

Contrasts between Max and Freak

Freak- Freak is smart. Freak is short and has to wear a leg brace.

Max- Max is the complete opposite of Freak. He relies on Freak for his smarticles and he is tall.

This relates to the theme because he Max says in the first sentence, "I never had a brain until Freak came along & let me borrow his." Another example is, "I go 'Huh?'and Freak sort of chuckles to himself, like he expected me to go 'Huh?' and he says, 'The design limitations of the human body. You know, like we're not bullet-proof and we can't crush rocks with our bare hands, and if we touch a hot stove we get burned. King Arthur wanted to improve his men o he made them armor-plated. Then he programmed them to go out and do these quests, slay the dragons and so on, which is sort of how they program the robots right now.'" (pg. 18) That quote proves that Freak is smarter than Max.