The Third Reich

By Ean Weber

What was the Third Reich?

The Third Reich (Commonly referred to as Nazi Germany) was dictatorship, based on ideas of fascism and totalitarianism. The Third Reich would also become an empire. This infamous group was led by an infamous man named Adolf Hitler. The Third Reich only lived for 12 years. Hitler's intentions for the empire was to last 1,000 years. Hitler abided by the Nazi political group and once had control destroyed other political groups and saw them as threats to him.
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The symbol of the Third Reich

Adolf Hitler- As a Leader

Adolf Hitler (Commonly referred to as just simply Hitler) is very infamous to this day even due to the fact that he is recorded to have died a little over 70 years ago. Hitler is commonly known for leading Germany to be the main antagonists in WWII. Hitler's other very infamous act was creating the holocaust which was mainly an attempt to to an end to Jewish life. Hitler ended failing to win WWII and committed suicide near defeat. The holocaust recorded to end the life of 6 million Jews. Hitler was able to do all of this by becoming the leader of Germany and making himself dictator of the Third Reich.
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Adolf Hitler

The Third Reich and WWII

On September first 1939 Germany invaded Poland. On September third 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany officially starting WWII. Once HItler invaded Poland he rounded up the Jews. He planned to start his holocaust as soon as possible. Hitler used his country the way he wanted. He repeatedly ignored his military officers' advice such as not to fight France. Hitler very quickly made France surrender, and this struck fear in the hearts of other countries. The Third Reich was taken very seriously and seen as a dangerous threat. Hitler did not take lightly to attempts to stop him from his goals. Hitler survived a bomb attack and in result arrested 7,000 people and executed 4,900 people.
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The flag of the Third Reich

The End of WWII and the Third Reich

Hitler would sometimes refuse permission to let his army retreat. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary German casualties. After 1941 things didn't look as bright as they did in the very beginning as they did for Germany. In 1942 the Soviets started hitter Germany a lot harder than they did in the beginning. Part of Italy was in the "Axis" forces (The German allies of WWII) and was led by Benito Mussolini (Commonly referred to as just simply Mussolini). Mussolini did not have the right focus he should have had in the war. Mussolini fought war in Africa, Hitler didn't oppose that much to it due to the fact that he was busy and Europe and the two didn't get along. The Allies were successful in Africa and eventually pushed the Axis out. The main turning point in the war is known as "D-Day." D-Day was when British, American, and Canadian forces invaded the beaches of Normandy. After continuous fighting for more than a year German forces were pushed back to Berlin and could not defend themselves there. On April 30 Soviet soldiers were closing in on Hitler's bunker when him and his wife committed suicide. On May 7 1945 Germany officially surrendered. With the end of WWII the Third Reich was pretty much dead.
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1940s newspaper

My Reaction

None of this information came as a surprise to me because I previously knew a lot about WWII because of my dad and other things. It's wrong that Hitler killed so many innocent people because he thought they were all bad. I'm shocked how successful he was with fighting against the odds even though he ended up losing the war.

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