About Me

Kara Larsen

Hi! My name is Kara and I am 24. I will be 25 September 30th! I am half Korean and half white. I love to eat and try new foods. I am the least picky eater around! Traveling is a passion. I have already been all across the states and hope to someday say I visited all 50 states! I had the privilege of touring across Europe and Asia as well. I enjoy hiking, watching movies, animals, kayaking, listening to music and dancing, and being silly. I love my family and spending time with them any chance I can. I have a six year old teacup poodle named Mia. My best friend is my boyfriend who means everything to me. My favorite season is summer!

Education and Work

I attended Mott Community College for two years and have been at University of Michigan for five years now. I will finally graduate with my Bachelors in December 2016! It has been a long time coming but I could not be more excited for a new journey! I currently work part time while going to school as a hostess at a restaurant. I used to work at a daycare with children ranging from 6 months-9 years of age. Children are such a joy!
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Experience in Literacy

Most of my interaction with teaching has been through the university where I am able to observe current teachers or practice teaching in the classroom by doing different lessons or activities. I was able to do my internship with a first grade class. I have worked at a daycare as well and helped to assist in lessons or projects. I've had some experiences with struggling readers and writers in the classroom. It is my goal to encourage and help those students in overcoming any obstacles they face. I really like to have one on one with my students because I feel that it makes them feel cared for. I want them to know I want them to succeed in their work. I found that my students appreciated our one on one time and would try even harder when I motivated them.


What I hope to learn in EDR 440:

-Different techniques to use in literacy that is both engaging and rewarding for students

-Successful ways to work with students who struggle in reading and writing